Updated ILRS Code changes now in place

This affects all LADD members. The revised Interlibrary Resource Sharing (ILRS) Code prices have now been implemented in the LADD gateway, ILRS directory and the LADD Manual.

What this will mean for LADD libraries is that the base cost, which appears in the “charge details” section at the bottom of the “Action: Shipped” screen,  will  default to the new prices of:

Core - $16.50
Rush - $33.00
Express - $49.50

with the exception of requests to NZ libraries which are GST exempt and will default to:

Core - $15.00
Rush - $30.00
Express - $45.00

In the ILRS directory the Base Interlending charge is now $16.50. The additional service levies are $16.50 for Rush and $33.00 for Express requests.

Read the new schedule of charges in the Libraries Australia Document Delivery discussion list archive.

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