VDX hosted LADD system - response to feedback from members

The National Library of Australia transitioned from a locally installed to a hosted environment for the VDX system for Libraries Australia Document Delivery (LADD) service in mid-October 2015.

We have received some very useful feedback already, and in response to this feedback from members since the transition we have implemented two changes to improve the service for you. These changes include:

  • Reports: Bulk Printing reports (including Bulk Printing of Core Copy Requests, Bulk Printing of Loan Requests, Bulk Printing of Core Loan and Copy Requests and Bulk Printing of all Loan and Copy Requests except Core) have been re-instated to the Reports page from the Work Queue.
  • Branding: The available screen space for the display of requests has been increased with the removal of the footer. This will assist those members using increased font size or screen resolution. The branding of the LADD service is still consistent with the look of other Libraries Australia services such as LA Search.

If you have any questions about these changes in LADD or feedback about the service, please contact the Libraries Australia Help Desk on 1800 026 155 or http://www.nla.gov.au/librariesaustralia/contact/

Mel Hunt

Libraries Australia Member Services | National Library of Australia
1800 026 155 | Ask a question

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