Website update next Tuesday 26th July

We are thrilled to announce that next Tuesday 26 July at 8.30 am, the new Libraries Australia web site will be launched.

The URL for the web site will remain unchanged at: Our new web site has been created using WordPress. The web site content is now created, managed and published in a totally different way and therefore looks substantially different. It has a new 'fresh' look.

Some of the immediate differences that you may notice are:

  • Improved site navigation, accessibility and functionality
  • Outdated pages have been removed and content of the web site is up-to-date
  • The web site is more aesthetically appealing, incorporating Web 2.0 design trends
  • Ability to log into Libraries Australia Search, Document Delivery and Administration is available from within every web page.

Checking of the site has been very thorough, but should you find something that is not working as you think it should, any broken links, misdirected pages, etc. we would really appreciate it if you could contact us and let us know. Once the new site has been launched we will continue to make some minor changes and adjustments that should not affect its stability.

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