What members said about LASR Alpha V 0.2

From the 23 Oct to 6 Nov 2013 the final alpha version (0.2) of the Libraries Australia search interface was available for review.

Feedback was received from:

  • 7 state libraries
  • 3 university libraries
  • 1 provider of library services
  • 2 unidentifiable sources

We would like to thank everyone who took the time to review the site and for providing positive feedback, useful design suggestions and notification of issues.

Positive feedback was received about the site in general, but members particularly liked the new functionality:

  • The new Compare records functionality that allows the comparison of up to four records.
  • Being able to report duplicate records from the Compare screen, prefilling the report duplicate records form with the records selected.
  • Favourite libraries

The following changes are being made based on your suggestions.

  • Addition of hover menus for each navigation tab reducing the number of clicks needed to navigate to screens within each section.
  • Adjustments to the presentation of information in the search results to ensure the results are not too cluttered and hard to read when records have a large number of URLs.
  • Changes to the search forms so that when a search limit with children (e.g Books >Ebooks) is selected all checkboxes will be checked to indicate that all are being searched.
  • Implementation of additional rules to the Australian, Journals, Conference, Newspapers search limits to improve search results.
  • Updating the search indexes to ensure entering a publisher barcode returns results.
  • Changes to the behaviour of the action buttons in the search results so that they will be accessible no matter what your position is in the list.
  • Changes to the Find field in Favourite Libraries to make it non-mandatory, allowing retrieval of all libraries in a selected Location for a Library Type (eg. all libraries in NSW that are public libraries).
  • Updating the search results so that the focus will remain on the item last viewed, when returning from its full/MARC view, rather than the focus returning to the top of the list.

The following errors were reported and they are being fixed:

  • Information presented in the wrong fields in the record Full view due to template issues.
  • The database/s selected in Browse are not then selected in the other search forms.
  • Text not displaying properly in Internet Explorer due to the shape of the search text box.
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