What members said about the LASR Alpha v0.1

Version 0.1 of the Libraries Australia search interface was made available to members for comment over three weeks during May and June 2013. Close to 60 feedback submissions were made and several members worked with us via email to further clarify our understanding of their feedback. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to try out the system developed so far and to let us know what you thought.

Based on the email addresses provided, feedback was received from:

  • 2 state/territory or national libraries
  • 13 government funded libraries
  • 14 libraries from the education sector including universities and TAFEs and
  • 6 other miscellaneous or unidentifiable sources

Because of your feedback several adjustments have been made:

  • The yellow highlighting on the results page has been redesigned to be less intense
  • The preview pane is less likely to be triggered by accident
  • On the search results screen:
    • the number of results is now more prominent
    • it is now more obvious when an error has occurred
    • very long URLs no longer push out the display
  • An issue with some search terms entered in uppercase has been addressed.
  • The text for many buttons is now larger and easier to read
  • Non-Australian WorldCat holdings are now included (as well as Australian holdings)
  • On the full view screen, the sort order of holding libraries is clearer
  • The “No Holdings” message is only shown when it is appropriate
  • The advanced search form is now more compact
  • A javascript problem with Internet Explorer which caused the interface to be unresponsive for some members has been addressed.
  • A problem with classification searches is being investigated.

Members made lots of positive comments on the alpha interface, helping us to know that the redevelopment is on track in providing you with the system you want. Members particularly liked:

  • The clean layout
  • The record preview
  • Not having to select author on the advanced search form
  • Being able to search other databases more easily
  • Holdings organised by state
  • Having links to both ALG and ILRS for each holding
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