Who is contributing RDA records to the NBD?

In the first month since configuring the Libraries Australia system to
support the creation, import, matching and merging of RDA data there are now
approximately 88,000 RDA records in the Australian National Bibliographic

There are a number of significant contributors of RDA data with the single
biggest contribution coming from the Library of Congress - making up around
80% of the total RDA records contributed.

National agencies such as the National Library of Australia and the British
National Bibliography contribute 11% of the total RDA records contributed.

Over half of all locally produced RDA records are from the National Library
of Australia and a quarter of the locally produced RDA records are being
generated by Australian library vendors.

Libraries Australia members are also contributing a significant number of RDA
records with a number of libraries across the country contributing over 100
records each, in addition to loading over 2,500 RDA records from WorldCat
into the NBD.

Libraries Australia also recognises a number of Australian contributors of
RDA authority data with over 1,000 new RDA authority records now available in
the National Bibliographic Database. We are pleased to note that the NBD
team has upgraded over 23,000 authority records to date, improving data to
make them RDA compliant.

These figures highlight the growing impact of RDA data in Libraries
Australia. We look forward to providing further updates on the growing rate
of RDA data in the NBD over the coming months.

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