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From the Editor

The end of the year has heralded a terrific range of events, initiatives and issues for Link-up, not least of which is the presentation of the annual TDK Australian Audio Book Awards. This year, books by author Tim Winton have been big winners. Congratulations to all shortlisted producers, particularly the Royal Blind Society as overall winners for the production of The Riders. As Mary Dickenson and Lisa Barrenger emphasise, the quality of audio book productions improves with every year.

In other articles, Sue Scott responds to Stephen Black's provocative piece, 'Literacy: An Alternative Reading' (Link-up, September 1996) with an examination of how libraries can respond to literacy needs in the community. Anne Stuchberry provides a marvellous example of library sensitivity to community needs in her description of the literacy program at Yarra Plenty Regional Service Library. The potential of information technology is shown by Jan Messelheiser, who reports on La Trobe University' interactive reader education program, while Gunela Astbrink offers some practical advice on creating accessible web pages. Jo-anne Fuller provides some easily implemented steps to follow in undertaking library promotion.

Ellis Rowan
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Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Gabrielle Grime and Seuth Sirimanotham

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