Griffith Taylor: Visionary, Environmentalist, Explorer

Thomas Griffith Taylor (1880–1963) was a world explorer whose travels took him from Captain Scott’s final expedition in Antarctica to every continent on earth, in a life that stretched from the Boer War to the Cold War.  He made it his life-long mission to enlighten the public on humankind’s relation to the environment. Today’s preoccupations with climate change, the ascendancy of Asian nations, and the renewed threat of nuclear war, were all addressed by him generations earlier.

Authors Carolyn Strange and Alison Bashford are specialists in modern Australia, British and Canadian history. Bashford is an historian of science and medicine, based at the University of Sydney. Strange was a Harold White Fellow at the National Library of Australia and is now senior fellow in the Research School of Humanities, Australian National University, and an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto.

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Child study in the Buitenzorg
gardens 1920
Theo Ruthven-Smith

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Griffith Taylor in Sydney 1907

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Griffith Taylor at Cambridge
University 1909

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