Lost! A True Tale from the Bush

Tales of children lost in the bush have frightened and fascinated Australians since colonial times. In August 1864, three children survived nine long days and eight winter nights in the desolate scrub of the Wimmera region of west Victoria. The children walked for nearly 100 kilometres with no food and little water. Against all odds, they were found alive. The book features stunning 1870s watercolours of the colonial artist William Strutt (1825–1915) and showcases the works of art and photographs from the Pictures Collection of the National Library of Australia.
Dr Stephanie Owen Reeder is an award-winning writer and the author of two picture books for children, The Flaming Witch and Colour My World! She was the editor of the Children’s Book Council journal, Reading Time, and co-editor of The Inside Story: Creating Children’s Books. She has also worked as a parliamentary editor, a librarian and a history teacher.

Book Cover

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Sample images

sample image

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Kookaburra on branch (1890)
A. Alder

sample image

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Settlers in the Australian
bush (1898)
Millard Glendale

sample image

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Cooey, Cooey: Roderick,
Bella and David lost in the
bush (1876) William Strutt

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