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The National Library of Australia is proud of its reputation as a leading collecting institution and reference library. Our name and logo are important assets that have recognition around the world.

Our logo provides the Library and its activities with a common visual link. It is vital that our logo, which includes the building symbol and the words ‘National Library of Australia’ (logotype) in a specific typeface (Palatino), is presented in a consistent way in all communication materials we produce. The way these elements are combined gives us our distinctive style.

By adhering to the standards and specifications outlined in this manual, you are assisting in maintaining the visual standard of our corporate identity.

If you require any help, contact the Library’s
Communications and Marketing branch at

Logo standardsstandards

The logo consists of:

  • a symbol of the building
  • the words ‘National Library of Australia’ (logotype)

Keep the building symbol and logotype together.

For consistency and ready identification, do not redraw, digitally manipulate or alter the

logo (building symbol plus logotype).

Reproduce the logo only from the artwork provided.

Logos for reproduction are at the end of this document.

There are two versions of the logo.

LOGO 1—preferred option to be used wherever possible
This option has the building symbol directly above the logotype.

portrait logo

LOGO 2—only to be used when it is impractical to use Logo 1
This option has the building symbol and logotype in a line.

landscape logo


In print, for the minimum size of the logo, the building is 15 mm wide. There is no maximum size. You can resize the logo proportionally. On screen, the minimum size of the logo is 78 x 80 pixels or 150 x 46 pixels.

Logo Size

Exclusion zone

Always leave adequate space around the logo, without any text or images encroaching on it. This minimum exclusion zone is equal to the width of the word LIBRARY on all sides.

exclusion zone

Logos for reproduction

for printfor screen

Always reproduce the logo from the files provided. We have provided logos for both print and screen. For print, use the EPS logo. For screen, use the PNG logo.


Download a zip file containing both EPS and PNG versions of both the black and the white logos.

Download this page in pdf format (1.01MB)

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