Marketing Trove

What is Trove

Trove is a free, online, national content delivery and discovery service built and managed by the National Library of Australia. The National Library gathers information and combines under one search portal.  Trove harnesses digital technology to take its users straight to the source of millions of resources from almost 2 000 libraries and other cultural institutions around Australia as well as international digital collections of relevance.

Trove at a glance

What is special about Trove

  • is not commercially driven
  • focuses on Australian content, especially on rare, unique or hard-to-find content in the collections of Australian cultural institutions and other organisations
  • has value-added features that enable users to tag, correct text, annotate, review, organise results, create lists and participate in a user forum
  • provides a single search across collections of books, journals, magazines, articles, pictures and photos, Australian newspapers, diaries, letters, archives, maps, music, sound and video, archived websites and information about people and organizations
  • allows you to check if a library near you holds an item

Trove Themes and Messages

The key messages, as reflected in the supporting promotional material (flyers, eflyers, posters, logos, PowerPoint templates, presentations etc.), will help you explain and promote Trove. To target specific user groups use search examples to demonstrate the usefulness of the service and of the use of specific ‘zones’ within Trove, such as ‘Digitised newspapers and more’.

Communication with the general public about Trove should focus on:

  • what the service can do now
  • what’s in it for you
  • a call to action to ‘get involved’ by adding your knowledge to the content (by text correction, tagging, commenting, uploading images)
  • participating in the online forum
  • using the service (explore, find and get)
  • provide feedback to the Library to guide the development of the service and make sure it meets user needs.

Key messages

  • belong to an online community  - contribute, tag, comment, create lists and participate in a user forum
  • free, fast and vast – access millions of items in a single search
  • unlock a wealth of free information
  • rich and diverse content – digitised newspapers, unpublished manuscripts, research papers, archived websites, music and dance resources, images, biographical information and eresources 
  • Trove is a free, online national content discovery service built and managed by the National Library of Australia

Target Groups

Trove appeals to anyone wanting to research, study or read for pleasure. You can target any or all of these groups when marketing Trove and your presence within it:

  • the general public of Australia, comprised of subgroups, for example:
    • independent scholars and academics
    • historians
    • special interest and community specific groups such as family historians, railway enthusiasts
    • literary community
    • primary and secondary students and their parents
    • tertiary students
  • library users, visitors and supporters, including:
    • onsite users and visitors
    • friends groups / volunteers / sponsors / donors
    • library website users and visitors
  • staff and libraries in Australia (champions for the service and data contributors)
  • other organisations in Australia (champions for the service and data contributors)

Trove Marketing Tips

Trove Logo

Use the official Trove logo when referring to Trove on your website or in printed communications.

Low Cost Strategies

These include using traditional media and social media (for example, tweeting, forums, blogs, Facebook, online newsletters) and word of mouth to highlight points of interest in Trove or to flag an innovation or some news about Trove. You can promote Trove by encouraging staff to spread the message through professional and personal networks.


The Library encourages you to mention Trove and to use the Trove PowerPoint template in presentations on Trove or on your organisation’s presence on Trove. You can easily add your organisation’s logo to the Trove PowerPoint template.

Marketing Materials

Promotional materials for Trove available online include flyers, bookmarks, posters and screen-casts. Ways you can promote Trove, such as adding Trove to your website or browser, or linking to a page of results, can be found in more detail in ‘How to utilise Trove in your organisation’.

Showcasing Collections

You can use the ‘list’ feature in Trove to showcase your special collection items. You can then use the link for promotional purposes, for example, the list ‘One Hundred: in celebration of the Mitchell Library centenary 1910–2010’. You can also showcase items in the Trove Forum.

Media Support

The Library wants to support your media outreach activities and help ensure your public relations success. If you plan a media release or other materials to promote your organisation within Trove, please contact the Library’s Media Liaison Manager. The Media Liaison Manager can review your material for accuracy and consistency; provide text for announcements and much more.


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