Trove at a glance

What is Trove?

Trove is a free, online, national content delivery and discovery service built and managed by the National Library of Australia.  You can search a large and unrivalled store of Australian material at the click of a button.

Why is Trove useful?

  • You can search millions of resources from almost 2 000 libraries and other cultural institutions around Australia as well as international digital collections of relevance
  • It is free, fast and vast
  • You can tag, add comments, create lists and participate in a user forum
  • You can explore rich and diverse content―digitised newspapers, pictures, books, journals and articles, maps, music, sound and video, archived websites, biographies and more

Who is Trove for?

Trove is for all Australians. Whether you are tracing your family history, researching a topic, reading for pleasure, teaching or studying, Trove will help you. We believe that wherever you live and whatever you do, you should be able to engage with rich digital content.

How do I access Trove?

Why was Trove created?

The National Library of Australia wanted to make finding and retrieving information easier for all Australians. Trove provides a quick, easy and powerful way to search. Finding information is now an effortless and enjoyable experience.

Is Trove innovative?

Yes. Trove enables you to be part of an online community where you can tag, comment and correct data, and organise their results. You can upload your images into the service and are encouraged to give feedback and engage with information. You help us drive the future development of the service.

Where is the content coming from?

The content comes from the National Library of Australia, over 2000 state, territory and public libraries around Australia, and other cultural and educational organisations. International digital collections of relevance are also being harvested.

Have your say …

We want to make sure that we are meeting your needs. The Library has implemented a Trove User Forum to help users make contact with other people using Trove and discuss shared interests.


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