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Date completed: 15 October 2002

This guide was created in association with the National Archives of Australia for the Australia's Prime Ministers website.

Scope and Content

The Library holds the personal papers of Sir Edmund Barton (MS 51),which have been digitised and are available online. In addition, the Library holds a few other Barton collections which were received from various sources as well as other manuscript collections (including microfilm copies) which contain letters or other materials relating to Barton. In this listing, the main collection is listed first, followed by the other sources relating to Sir Edmund Barton (in alphabetical order) and papers relating to Lady Jean Barton.

Papers relating to Sir Edmund Barton

Barton, Sir Edmund. Papers, 1827-1940.
Catalogue Record: MS 51

The collection consists of correspondence, personal papers, press cuttings, photographs and papers relating to the Federation campaign and the first Parliament of the Commonwealth. The correspondence from 1827 to 1896 relates mainly to the business and family affairs of William Barton, and to Edmund's early legal and political work. Correspondence 1898-1905 concerns the Federation campaign, the London conference 1900 and Barton's Prime Ministership, 1901-1903. Correspondence 1906-1920 relates mainly to Barton's family and to his work in the High Court. Correspondents include Alfred Deakin, Lord Forrest, Lord Hopetoun, Joseph Chamberlain, Sir Samuel Griffith, Sir William Lyne, Sir Henry Parkes, Lord Tennyson, Lord Jersey, George W.E. Russell, and Sir George Reid. There are also press cuttings relating to the Hastings-Macleay election, 1898, and to the activities of the Federation delegates in London, 1900; Commonwealth Constitution material, 1885-1901, some of it annotated in Barton's hand; family documents; commissions and honours. This collection is digitised.

Australasian Federation League of New South Wales. Records, 1871-1909.
Catalogue Record: MS 47

These papers were assembled by Edward Dowling, the secretary of the Australasian Federation League of New South Wales. The League was formed by Barton in 1893, and items in this collection include correspondence with Alfred Deakin and Sir George Reid (1893-1909); and material relating to the People's Federal Convention, Bathurst in 1896, which Barton attended.

Barton, Sir Edmund. Address by citizens of Ottawa, 1902.
Catalogue Record: MS 1612

Address presented by the citizens of Ottawa, Canada, given on 10 September 1902 to welcome Sir Edmund Barton, the first Prime Minister of the Federated Commonwealth of Australia.

Barton, Sir Edmund. Letters, papers, bill, 1887-1947.
Catalogue Record: MS 292

This collection consists of 28 pages of typescript copies of correspondence between Barton and Parkes (1887-1893); 69 pages of papers collected by John Reynolds (1900-1947) for his biography, 'Edmund Barton' (typescript and manuscript); and a typescript Bill for the Federation of the Australian Colonies.

Barton, Sir Edmund. Letters, 1901.
Catalogue Record: MS 1530

This small collection includes a 'National Ode' dedicated to Barton by H. A. Stuart and a letter to the Prime Minister asking for approval of an enclosed 'National Song of Federated Australia' (May-June 1901).

Barton, Sir Edmund. Letter to Sir Isaac Isaacs, 1903.
Catalogue Record: MS 5917

This collection consists of a letter to Sir Isaac Isaacs, dated 24 September 1903, thanking him for his congratulations on Barton becoming Senior Puisne Judge of the High Court of Australia.

Barton, Sir Edmund. Speech at opening of Federal Parliament, 10 May 1901.
Catalogue Record: MS 2133

Typescript draft with manuscript amendments by Barton.

Bavin, Sir Thomas. Papers, 1898-1942.
Catalogue Record: MS 560

Sir Thomas Bavin was the private secretary to Barton and Deakin and later became the NSW Premier. His papers from 1898 to 1942 include a long series of letters by both men and notes for speeches by Barton (1901-1903). Bavin's papers are an important source of information about Australian politics and law between 1900 and 1920, as well as documenting his close association with the first two Prime Ministers of Australia.

Buchanan, Alfred. 'The Prime Ministers of Australia', 1940.
Catalogue Record: MS 3034

Alfred Buchanan's 'The Prime Ministers of Australia' is an unpublished manuscript comprising biographies of all Prime Ministers from Edmund Barton to Robert Menzies.

Campbell-Jones, Herbert. 'The Cabinet of Captains: the romance of Australia's first Federal Parliament', c1935.
Catalogue Record: MS 8905

Campbell-Jones was the parliamentary correspondent of the Melbourne Argus. 'The Cabinet of Captains: The romance of Australia's first Federal Parliament' contains his recollections of the Barton Ministry, the establishment of Commonwealth Parliament in 1901 and the first parliamentarians, including detailed accounts of Barton, Deakin, Reid, Cook, Watson, Fisher and Hughes.

Chamberlain, Joseph. Papers, 1894-1914.
Catalogue Record: Mfm M 867-868

Joseph Chamberlain was the British Secretary of State for the Colonies (1895-1903). His correspondence from 1894 to 1914 includes reference to Federation in Australia, imperial conferences, colonial trade and defence. Correspondents include Edmund Barton and Alfred Deakin. Filmed by the Australian Joint Copying Project from originals held in the University of Birmingham Library, England.

Crisp, Leslie Finlay, Papers, 1878-1984. Papers, 1878-1984.
Catalogue Record: MS 5243

Crisp was an academic, biographer of Ben Chifley and author of numerous publications on federation and Australian politics. The bulk of the collection consists of subject files on a wide range of topics compiled mainly from newspaper cuttings and journal articles. There are files on all Australian prime ministers from Sir Edmund Barton to Malcolm Fraser.

Deakin, Alfred. Papers, 1804-1973.
Catalogue Record: MS 1540

Alfred Deakin, a leading Federation figure with Barton, was Australia's first Attorney-General 1901, and Prime Minister three times during the early part of the twentieth century (1903-1904,1905-1908 and 1909-1910). His papers, dating from 1804-1973 (bulk dates 1880-1919), include diaries, notebooks, cuttings, programs, manuscripts, photographs and correspondence, including extensive correspondence with Barton (1894-1916).

Document of congratulation from British fair traders and advocates of Imperial preferential trade, 1902.
Catalogue Record: MS 1608

Illuminated manuscript presented to Sir Edmund Barton, London, June 1902.

Drake, James G.. Papers, 1875-1913.
Catalogue Record: MS 6305

J. G. Drake was a journalist,federal politician and Minister. His papers include letters received from Barton, Alfred Deakin and George Reid (1875-1913), and a copy of a memorandum, dated 3 July 1905, exchanged between the Prime Minister, George Reid, and the Governor-General, Lord Northcote.

Fisher, Andrew. Papers, 1885-1940.
Catalogue Record: MS 2919

Much of this collection document Fisher's political career, especially his three terms as Australia's Prime Minister and his work as High Commissioner in London (1915-1921). Includes two letters of Barton, 1913-1915.

Groom, Sir Littleton Ernest. Newspaper cuttings, 1888-1936.
Catalogue Record: MS 1452

Groom was a Federal politician (1901-1929, 1931-1936), Speaker of the House of Representatives (1926-1929) and a Minister in several Governments. This collection contains newspaper clippings, the bulk of which date from 1898 to 1901, about Federation and federal politics. It contains many articles about Barton, including his obituaries.

Groom, Sir Littleton Ernest. Papers, c1880-1936.
Catalogue Record: MS 236

These papers include correspondence with Barton, Alfred Deakin, Sir John Forrest, King O'Malley and Joseph Cook from c1880 to 1936. A detailed descriptive list is available. Additional material related to this collection is contained in MS 1135.

Higgins, Henry Bournes. Papers, 1841-1929.
Catalogue Record: MS 1057

A delegate to the Federation Convention, Federal politician and judge, Justice Higgins' correspondents include Barton (1913-1919), Andrew Fisher and William Morris Hughes (1854-1929).

Hopetoun, John, 7th Earl . Papers, 1881-1904.
Catalogue Record: Mfm M936-937, Mfm M1154- 1156, Mfm M1584

The 7th Earl of Hopetoun (John Adrian Louis Hope) was Australia's first Governor-General (1901-1903). Principal correspondents (1881-1904) include Barton and Deakin. Letters from Barton to Hopetoun deal with the Conciliation and Arbitration Bill, the Pacific Islanders' Bill and the Anglo-Japanese Treaty. Microfilmed by the Australian Joint Copying Project from original held at Hopetoun House, Scotland.

Hunt, Arthur Atlee. Papers, 1900-1930.
Catalogue Record: MS 52, Mfm G 28209-23214

Atlee Hunt was one of the first senior federal public servants. He was Edmund Barton's private secretary (1901) and became the Secretary of the Department of External Affairs (1901-1917) and Secretary to the Department of Home and Territories (1917-1921). The papers in this collection consist chiefly of correspondence about Australia's administrative activities and interests in Britain, the Pacific Islands, Papua and the Northern Territory. Main correspondents include both Barton and Deakin. Series 38 and 39 include letters from Barton 1901-1904. A letter from Barton (25 September 1903) thanks Hunt and his staff for their hard work and loyalty, along with some remarks on the role of civil servants.

Imperial Federation League (Victoria). Letter book, 1889-1910.
Catalogue Record: MS 49, Mfm G 25080

The League's letter book from 1889 to 1910 includes letters to Barton, Joseph Cook, Alfred Deakin (a member and was President from 1904) and Sir George Reid.

Isaacs, Sir Isaac. Papers, 1875-1966.
Catalogue Record: MS 2755

Sir Isaac Isaacs was a Federation Convention delegate, the Federal Attorney-General (1905-1906), a High Court judge and then Chief Justice (1930), and the Governor-General (1931-1936). The papers from 1875 to 1966 include copies of correspondence between Barton and Sir Samuel Griffith, who was appointed first Chief Justice in 1903.

James, Sir Walter Hartwell. Papers, 1897-1913.
Catalogue Record: MS 296

Politician, member of the Legislative Assembly of Western Australia, Premier and Attorney General (1902-1904). This is a collection of letters, including two from Barton (1898-1899), relating broadly to Federation.

Letter and handbills relating to Australian Federation, 1897-1898.
Catalogue Record: MS 50

These papers include a letter (dated 20 July 1897) to Barton from John Douglas, Government Resident on Thursday Island and Acting Special Commissioner for the Protectorate of Southern New Guinea commenting on the Federation Convention and its implications.

Lyne, Sir William John. Correspondence, 1900.
Catalogue Record: MS 129

Lyne was Premier of New South Wales (1899-1901) and a Federal parliamentarian and Minister. Letters and telegrams relating to the attempt of Lyne, the NSW Premier, to form a Federal administration, December 1900. The material includes references to Barton, Deakin and Reid.

Maughan Family. Papers, 1920-1990.
Catalogue Record: MS 8988

Jean Maughan was Barton's daughter. These papers provide relatively little information about Barton's personal life or his family. They include a letter on Barton's aspirations for the Federation, newspaper cuttings on his death, copies of lists of Barton papers held by individuals and repositories, and granddaughter Ann Macintosh' papers (1975-1990) on Barton.

Munro-Ferguson, Sir Ronald Craufurd . Papers, 1912-1935.
Catalogue Record: MS 696, Mfm G1228-1239

Sir Ronald Munro-Ferguson (later Lord Novar) was Governor-General of Australia (1914-1920). His papers from 1912-1935 include official dispatches to the King, personal letters to the King's private secretary and private correspondence with Prime Ministers Barton (1914-1919), Fisher, Cook, Reid and Hughes.

Reid, Sir George Houstoun. Papers, 1889-1918.
Catalogue Record: MS 7842

Reid was the NSW Premier between 1894 and 1899. He was an important figure in Australian Federation, becoming a member of the House of Representatives, 1901-1908; Prime Minister, 1904-1905; and Australian High Commissioner in London, 1909-1916. Reid's papers include correspondence with Barton and references to Deakin and other political figures.

Symon, Sir Josiah Henry. Papers, 1863-1934 .
Catalogue Record: MS 1736

Sir Josiah Symon was a Federal Convention delegate, Senator and Federal Attorney-General (1904-1905). The papers in this collection cover every phase of Symon's life, including his involvement in Federation, federal conventions and the Senate, and include correspondence with Edmund Barton (1894-1904), Joseph Cook, Alfred Deakin and George Reid.

Tennyson, Hallam, 2nd Baron. Papers, 1887-1924.
Catalogue Record: MS 479

Lord Tennyson was Governor of South Australia and Australia's second Governor-General (1903-1904). This collection contains 12 letters from Barton.

Tennyson, Hallam, 2nd Baron . Papers, 1893-1913.
Catalogue Record: MS 1963

This collection consists mainly of about 180 letters, principally from Tennyson's time as Governor-General. Chief correspondents include Barton (1902-1903) and Deakin.

Watson, John Christian. Papers, 1900-1941.
Catalogue Record: MS 451

Chris Watson was the first leader of the Federal Labor Party and Prime Minister in 1904. His papers include correspondence with Barton, Deakin and Reid.

Papers relating to Lady Jean Barton

In addition to the Barton Papers (MS 51), the Library holds the papers of the Maughan Family.

Maughan Family. Papers, 1920-1990.
Catalogue Record: MS 8988

Jean Maughan, the eldest daughter of Sir Edmund and Lady Barton, married David Maughan, a Sydney barrister, in 1909. The collection includes Lady Barton's will, a letter to Lady Barton from later Prime Minister J. Scullin, and a catalogue of auctioned Barton family items.