MS 5248
Papers of John Andrew La Nauze (1911-1990)

Scope and Content Note

  • 1888-1984
  • Quantity: 16.9 m. (105 boxes and 2 cartons) + 4 folio boxes
  • Folders 1-208, 227-38, 254-508 (of 1971-85 consignments) are available for reference; access to remainder of collection Restricted until 2010.

The collection, which was received in twelve instalments in 1971, 1978, 1979, 1984, 1985, 1996, 1999, 2000 and 2001, comprises correspondence, research notes, draft manuscripts, photographs and secondary source material chiefly related to La Nauze's published studies Alfred Deakin : a biography (1965), The Making of the Australian Constitution (1972), Walter Murdoch and Alfred Deakin on 'Books and Men' : letters and comments, 1900-1918 (1974) and Walter Murdoch : a biographical memoir (1977). Also filed in the papers are sequences of original correspondence with fellow historians, including C.E.W. Bean, Manning Clark, Fred Alexander, W.K. Hancock and R.M. Crawford, as well as correspondence with prominent Australians such as H.C. Coombs, Paul Hasluck and AD Hope.

In sorting the collection, La Nauze's foldering system has, for the most part, been retained. This list describes the consignments of 1971-1985 and 2000-2001 in their order of receipt, and uses the headings assigned to files by La Nauze. A separate detailed listing (213 pp.) of the 1996 and 1999 additions has been prepared by La Nauze family member, Lindsay Cleland, and at this stage is available only in hardcopy form from the Manuscript Reading Room attendant.

Biographical Note

John La Nauze was born on 9 June 1911 and was educated at the Perth Modern School and at the University of Western Australia. He was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship in 1931 and graduated from Oxford University with a first class honours degree in economic and political history. After returning to Australia he took up various appointments at Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne Universities before joining the staff of the Australian National University as Professor of History, Institute of Advanced Studies in 1966. In addition to the titles mentioned above, he published two other major works, the Political Economy in Australia (1949) and The Hopetoun Blunder (1957). La Nauze died in Canberra in 1990.

Series Descriptions


Correspondence relating to Fabian Ware

Folders (first sequence)                                                
1-2 Letters collected by La Nauze and Professor Crawford, principally   
    written to Lady Ware, and from Lord Beveridge and Richard Jebb, on 
    the subject of Fabian Ware                                                         


Alfred Deakin : a biography (1965)                                      

Folders (second sequence)                                               
1-17  Typescript, arranged from Chapters 1-28                            

18-20 Duplicate typescript, various chapters                            

21-23 Additional typescripts                                            

24    Typescript drafts, lectures, articles, etc. on the biography         

25-34 Various typescripts                                               

35    Preliminaries, bibliography and working copy of Chapter 1            

36-49 Working copies of Chapters 1-28                                   

50    Retyped pages for final manuscript                                   

51-60 Proof copy                                                        

Photocopies of letters, notes                                           

61-64 Deakin                                                            

65    Forrest, Finke                                                       

66    Ewings, Evans, Eggleston, Forrest                                    

67    Dudley, Denman                                                       

68    Coghlan, Crawford                                                    

69    Clarke, Cook                                                         

70    Hume-Cook                                                            

71-73 James                                                             

74    Jephcott, Atlee Hunt                                                 

75    Jebb-Ware                                                            

76    Groom, Hammond, W.M. Hughes                                          

77    Hain, Griffith                                                       

78    Griffith                                                             

79    Groom, Gay, Fox                                                      

80    Kingston, Lyne, Garran, Johnstone                                    

81    Mrs Lewis (?)                                                        

82    Lord Linlithgow (Hopetoun)                                           

83-84 Northcote                                                         

85    Wise                                                                 

86    David Syme                                                           

87    A.G. Stephens, George Swinburne                                      

88    O'Connor                                                             

89    Bavin                                                                

90    Forrest, Fisher                                                      

91    G. Reid, Tom Robert, J. Quick                                        

92    Bromby, Murdoch                                                      

93    Balfour, Amery, Barry                                                

94    Election speeches, 1901                                              

95    Chapman, Chamberlain                                                 

96    Barton                                                               

97-99 'not Deakin papers'                                               

100   H.B. Higgins                                                        

101   Webb diary                                                          

102   Two notebooks owned by Lady White                                   

103   Cashbook, C.L.P. Executive                                          

Morning Post articles and related documents                             

104     Lists                                                               

105     Selections, manuscripts and notes                                   

106     1904-06                                                             

107     1902-10                                                             

108     1901 and S.J. Way notes and letters                                 

109     1900; Federated Australia notes                                     

110     Articles and notes                                                  

111     1907-09                                                             

112     Articles                                                            

113-114 'spare set'                                                     

Subject files and notes                                                 

115-116 Speeches by Deakin                                              

117-118 Copy of manuscript of Victorian politics                        

119     Copy of Temple and Tomb in India and other material relating to     

120     Lyceum Leader and summary of early diaries from The Medley          

121-122 Pamphlets and speeches                                          

123     Speech entitled Protection and Practical Legislation on Anti-Socialism                                                          

124-125 Notes on Vondel, 1901-03                                        

126-127 Notes, 1903-04; quarrel with Syme; National Political League    

128     Notes on First Parliament; Cabinet; Brookes                         

129-131 'Folder 37 - Contemporaries' opinions of A.D., obituaries'      

132     'Folders 38-39 - Honours, L.S. Amery, A.D. to L.S.A., proofs 
        of My Political Life'                                                        

133     'File 40 - Atlee Hunt'                                              

134     'Folder 16 - Federal conferences, conventions; Folder 18 - A.N.A.   
        and Deakin'                                                                

135     Notes on 3-Elevens; Deakin's reviews on Reid                        

136     Various manuscripts, notes, etc. relating to the biography          

137     Labor Party                                                         

138     Early Australia, Victoria, Melbourne                                

139     Federation                                                          

140     Irrigation; Colonial Conference, 1887                               

141     Deakin's pre-sessional speech, 1905; fall of the Reid Government    

142     Notes, 1913-19; Deakin's memory decline; various political notes,   
        1901-08; 'Folder 25 - Judiciary Bill'                                  

143     Notes on liberalism; 'Envelope of A.D. scraps' (pamphlets removed)  

144     Deakin                                                              

145-146 Clues on religion                                               

147-149 Victorian politics                                              

150     Cabinet notes, 1902-09; main headings for parcels of Deakin papers  

151-153 Miscellaneous notes on family from Cabinet, 1902-09, the        
        Commonwealth Archives and the Public Record Office, London                          

154     Notes from Commonwealth Archives and the P.R.O                      

155     Notes relating to the publication of the biography                  

156     Notes on Chapters 31-33                                             

157     National Review articles and photographs                            

158     Deakin's character, etc.                                            

159     Journalism notes                                                    

160     Deakin's reading                                                    

161     Miscellaneous research material                                     

162     Deakin and literature                                               

163     Atlee Hunt diaries                                                  

164-165 Notes on 'New Protectionist' chapter                            

166-167 New Hebrides, Papua New Guinea, Pacific Islands, etc.           

168     Notes, 1910-13                                                      

169     Notes on Fusion                                                     

170     Notes on Chapters 21, 22                                            

171     Elections, 1910; Prime Minister, 1909-1910                          

172     Notes on The Empire                                                 

173     Notes on plan of book, the Commonwealth Bank and O'Malley           

174     Income, property, wills; Deakin's education, legal career           

175     Notes on interviews with M.L. Shepherd, Gladys Hain, R.D. Wright,   
        Sir John Latham                                                        

176     Deakin's family; Pritchard; oratory presence, etc.                  

177-178 Deakin's autobiographical notes                                 

179     Indexes to newspaper cuttings                                       

180     Indexes to Morning Post articles                                    

181     Index and notes regarding Deakin's diaries; copy of 
        the New Pilgrim's Progress                                                               

182     Lists of contents of Deakin's papers                                

183     Lists of newspaper cuttings; Commonwealth Archives lists            

184     Lists, typescript draft                                             

Box 19  Index cards                                                      

185-188 Photographs                                                     

189-190 Booklets, pamphlets                                             

Box 21  Issues of The Liberal                                            

191-199 Correspondence of La Nauze relating to Deakin's papers and      
        publication of the biography                                                          

200     The Federal Story                                                   

201     Deakin's Morning Post articles and notes                            

202-204 Proof copy of Federated Australia                               

205     Deakin manuscript                                                   

206     Notes on Morning Post article                                       

207-208 Notes on The Hopetoun Blunder                                   

Folio 1 Photographs; copy of article from The Evening Standard, 6 May 1887
        regarding the Colonial Conference                                      


Folio 1 Sydney newspapers, 1901 kept by La Nauze's father-in-law Sir John 


Folio 2 Copies of articles by Deakin published in the Morning Post, 1911-14                                                                 


Correspondence of John La Nauze                                         

Other files containing correspondence with La Nauze are listed with     
the consignments of 20 February and 8 March 1985.                       


209 A, including: F. Alexander, Maurice Allen, T.S. Ashton              

210 C.E.W. Bean, F.A. Bland, H. Burton, N.G. Butlin                     

211 Colin Clark, Kitson Clark, Manning Clark                            

212 J.F. Cairns, H.C. Coombs, D.B. Copland, L.F. Crisp, P.W.E. Curtin   

213 C, including Commerce Chair                                         

214 E                                                                   
    F, including C.R. Fay                                                  
    G, including L.F. Giblin                                               

215 A.G.B. Fisher                                                       

216 H, including: Roy Harrod, R.M. Hartwell, P.M.C. Hasluck. A.D. Hope  

217 I                                                                   
    J, including Gwyn James                                                

218 H. Jevons, H.W. Jevons, M. Kiddle                                   

219 M, including: R.B. Madgwick, J. Mc. Manners, Barton Maugham         
    Mc, including A.M. McBriar                                             

220 P. Mander Jones, A.W. Martin, L.G. Melville, J.D.B. Miller, R.C. Mills                                                                   

221 N                                                                   
    R. Opie                                                                

222 P, including: P.H. Partridge, G.V. Portus, M.M. Postan, A.G. Price  

223 Edward Shann                                                        

224 R                                                                   
    S, including: A.G. Serle, Kurt Singer, H. Stretton, B.H. Sumner        

225 T, including: R.H. Tawney, G.S.L. Tucker                            

226 W, including: R.B. Ward, E. Ronald Walker ; unfiled letters                                                        

Walter Murdoch : a biography (1977)                                     

Other files relating to this title are listed with the consignments of  
20 February and 8 March 1985.                                           

227-231 Drafts                                                          

The Making of the Australian Constitution (1972)                        

Other files relating to this title are listed with the consignments of  
20 February and 8 March 1985.                                           

232-238 Drafts and photographs                                          


General correspondence of John La Nauze, 1930-1984                      
Other files containing correspondence with La Nauze are listed with     
the consignment of 5 April 1984.                                        

239 Two letters to La Nauze from Walter Murdoch, 1930, 1944             

240 Letters of W.K. Hancock, 1939-54                                    

241 Letters of W.K. Hancock, 1955-74                                    

242 Correspondence with Kathleen Fitzpatrick, 1950-1963                 

243 Correspondence with Kathleen Fitzpatrick, 1965-1984                 

244 Letters of R.M. Crawford, 1951-58                                   

245 Letters of R.M. Crawford, 1959-64                                   

246 Letters of R.M. Crawford, 1965-84                                   

247 Correspondence with Manning Clark, F.K. Crowley, 1957-81                          

248 Correspondence with Fred Alexander, 1957-67                         

249 Official correspondence of Crawford to La Nauze, 1958-68            

250 Correspondence with Helen and Aileen Palmer, 1966                   

251 General correspondence, 1953-83                                     

252 General correspondence received 1967-71 whilst Professor of History, 
    Australian National University                                         

253 General correspondence, 1972-73                                     

The Making of the Australian Constitution (1972)                        

Other files relating to this title are listed with the consignment of   
5 April 1984.                                                           


254     Libraries and archives                                              

255     Professor Geoffrey Sawer                                            

256     Melbourne University Press                                          

'Working copies'                                                        

257     Chapter 2                                                           

258     Chapter 3                                                           

259     Chapter 4                                                           

260     Chapter 5                                                           

261     Chapter 7                                                           

262     Chapter 8                                                           

263     Chapter 12                                                          

264     Chapter 13                                                          

265     Chapter 14                                                          

266     Chapter 15                                                          

267     Chapter 16                                                          

268-269 Chapter 17                                                      

270-271 Conclusion                                                      

272-277 Preliminary pages and appendices                                

278-281 Endnotes and bibliography                                       

Typescript drafts and proof material                                    

282-283 First draft                                                     

284     Second draft                                                        

285-290 Third draft                                                     

291     Proofs                                                              

Subject files and notes                                                 

292     Events up to and including 1890 Conference                          

293     Convention, 1891                                                    

294     Conventions, 1891-97                                                

295     Adelaide Convention, 1897                                           

296     Sydney Convention, 1897                                             

297     Federal Conventions, 1897-98                                        

298     Melbourne Convention, 1898                                          

299     Premiers Conference, 1899                                           

300     Negotiations in London, 1900                                        

301     Members of Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council New South   
        Wales, ca. 1890                                                         

302     Members of the Federal Convention, 1891                             

303     Queensland Parliamentary Debates, 1891                              

304     Premiers' telegrams, 1897                                           

305     South Australian Parliamentary Debates, 1897                        

306     New South Wales Parliamentary Debates, 1897                         

307-308 Sir Edmund Barton                                               

309     James Bryce                                                         

310     Sir Joseph Carruthers                                               

311     Joseph Chamberlain                                                  

312     Sir Charles Dilke                                                   

313-314 Sir Robert Garran                                               

315     P.M. Glynn                                                          

316     Henry Bourne Higgins                                                

317     G. Higinbotham                                                      

318-320 Andrew Inglis Clark                                             

321     Sir Walter James                                                    

322     C.H. Pearson                                                        

323     Sir Josiah Symon                                                    

324-325 Lord Tennyson                                                   

326     Sir Samuel Way                                                      

327     B.R. Wise                                                           

328     High Court of Australia                                             

329     Victorian State Archives                                            

330     Notes on debates regarding absence of industrial powers             

331-332 Notes on choice of the term 'Commonwealth'                      

333     Documents                                                           

334     Secondary sources                                                   

335     Working notes                                                       

336-338 Miscellaneous notes and working papers                          

Printed sources                                                         

339     Draft of Federal Constitution, 1897                                 

340     Commonwealth Bill-Amendments proposed by Imperial Government, 1900                                                                   

341     Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, 1900                    

342     Draft Bill to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia, 1891        

343     Notes on legislatures of colonies and statement showing action      
        taken with respect to the draft Constitution, 1894                                

344     Roll of the National Australasian Convention, 1891                  

345     Federal Enabling Bill, 1896, 1897                                   

346     Draft Bills, 1891, 1897                                             

347     Constitution Bill, 1898 incorporating Barton's drafting revisions   
        before the  final day of sitting; notes relating to the Colonial        
        Office, England                                                         

348     Suggested Amendments to the Australian Federal Constitution, 1897 ; 
        Criticisms on the Bill, 1897; Draft of a Bill to Constitute the        
        Commonwealth of Australia, 1898                                        

349     Successive Stages of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of        
        Australia, 1891, including Draft of a Bill to Constitute the 
        Commonwealth of Australia, 1891; notes on members of Select Committees, Adelaide 1897  

350    'The Australian Commonwealth', The Daily Telegraph, 23 January 1888                                                                    

351     Extracts from The Age, June, 1893 relating to voting by New South   
        Wales on the proposed Federation                                             

352     Subscribers to, and platforms of, The Australasian National League,
        N.S.W. Section, 1895                                                   

353     Letters and diary extracts of Sir Samuel Griffith                   

354     Extracts from The Toscin, 1898                                      

355     Published letter from Sir George Reid to Sir George Turner, 31      
        December 1898                                                                   

356    'Sir Henry Parkes at Tenterfield', Sydney Morning Herald, 
        25 October 1889                                                        

357     Leading Facts Connected With Federation, 1891                       

358    'The Federation Movement : its history, present position, and       
        prospects', Sydney Morning Herald, 28 February 1891                                

359     Extracts from The Advertiser, March-April 1897                      

360    'The Draft Federal Constitution Framed by the Adelaide Convention   
        of 1897', Review of Reviews, 20 July 1897; 'Notes on the Draft 
        Federal Constitution Framed by the Adelaide Convention of 1897',
        Queensland  Legislative Council Journals, 1897                                     

361     Extracts from The Daily Telegraph, August-September 1897            

362    'The Federal Convention at Work', Review of Reviews, 20 April 1897  

363     Extracts from The Mercury, July-August 1897                         

364     Draft of a Bill to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia, 1897   
        containing amendments made by the Colonial Office and Sir Samuel       

365    'The Sydney Convention of 1897', Review of Reviews, 15 October 1897                                                                   

366    'The Next Step in Federation', Review of Reviews, 20 June 1897      

367     List of Committee Members, Australasian Federal Convention, 1897    

368     Letters and telegrams between Premiers regarding Premiers' 
        Conference, 1899                                                                   

369-370 Extracts from The Australasian, February 1899                   

371     Confidential despatch from Sir Samuel Griffith to the Secretary of  
        State, 19 October 1899                                                        

372     Telegrams from Sir John Forrest, February 1899 regarding concessions
        to Western Australia                                                      

373     Ungrammatical Statesmen : an exposure of the bad English contained  
        in the Australian Federal Constitution, 1900                              

374     Letters from J.R. Dickson to Sir Robert Philp, March-June 1900      
        relating to the progress of the Federal Bill                                    

375     Letters from Charles Kingston to Sir Josiah Symon, 1900             

376     Unpublished paper by Sir Josiah Symon entitled 'The Dawn of         
        Federation :  some episodes, letters and personalities and a            

377     Report from the Joint Committee of Constitutional Review, 1958      

378    'The Supreme Court and the High Court of Australia', reprinted      
        from the Journal of Public Law, v.2, no. 8, 1958                                

Walter Murdoch and Alfred Deakin on 'Books and Men' : letters and       
comments, 1900-1918 (1974)                                              


379-381 Correspondence with Melbourne University Press, including a     
        proof copy of the compilation                                                     


382     Preliminary pages and introduction                                  

383-384 Letters, with some notes and first transcript                   

385     Transcripts of letters, Deakin to Murdoch, 1900-1919                


387     Second draft                                                        

388     Carbon copy                                                         

389     Carbon copy with corrections                                        

390     Proof copy                                                          

Research notes                                                          

391     Photocopies of articles on Australian literature                    

392     List of references                                                  

393-394 Miscellaneous notes of La Nauze and Nurser                      

Walter Murdoch : a biographical memoir (1977)                           

Other files relating to this title are listed with the consignment of   
5 April 1984.                                                           

395     Notes by La Nauze on proposed biography                             


396     General correspondence relating to the biography                    

397     Correspondence with Melbourne University Press and with Angus &     
        Robertson publishers regarding sales of Murdoch's books                

398     Correspondence and notes made during editing of the biography       

399-402 Correspondence with Catherine King                              

403     Correspondence with Barbara Murdoch                                 

404     Correspondence with Anne Vanzetti                                   

405     Correspondence with members of the Murdoch family, including copies
        of results of Murdoch's University of Melbourne matriculation             
        examinations, 1890-91                                                                

406-411 Drafts of letters of appeal for sources on Murdoch, including   
        responses received to La Nauze's newpaper advertisements                         

412     Correspondence with libraries and archives                          

413     Lists of papers relating to Murdoch held in the National Library    
        of Australia                                                              

Preliminary drafts and 'working copies'                                 

414-418 Handwritten drafts                                              

419     Chapter 1                                                           

420     Chapter 2                                                           

421     Chapter 3                                                           

422     Chapter 4                                                           

423     Chapter 5                                                           

424     Chapter 6                                                           

425     Chapter 7                                                           

426     Chapter 8                                                           

427     Chapter 9                                                           

428     Chapter 10                                                          

429     Chapter 11                                                          

430-432 Typescript drafts with handwritten amendments                   

433     Final manuscript                                                    

434-437 Preliminary pages and appendices                                

Revised drafts                                                          

438-439 New information for insertion, chiefly relating to early chapters                                                                

440     Chapter 1                                                           

441     Chapter 2                                                           

442     Chapter 3                                                           

443     Chapter 4                                                           

444     Chapter 5                                                           

445-446 Chapter 6                                                       

447-448 Chapter 9                                                       

449     Chapter 10                                                          

450     Chapter 11                                                          

451     Index                                                               

452     Proofs                                                              

Photocopied correspondence                                              

453     Letters from Murdoch to his daughter Catherine, 1914-1968 with      
        notes by La Nauze                                                               

454     Notes, extracts relating to the Murdoch family, including copy of   
        death certificate of James Murdoch                                           

455     Correspondence between Murdoch and H.G. Brookes, 1907-1941 with     
        notes by La Nauze                                                      

456     Correspondence between Murdoch and H.G. Brookes, 1942-1963          

457     Letters and other documents located in the papers of Henrietta      

458     Letters of Catherine Deakin, 1925-34                                

459     Letters of J.K. Ewers, 1930-39                                      

460     Letters of Arthur and Clarissa Fox, 1935-62                         

461     Letters of Bishop Brian MacDonald, 1946-61                          

462-463 Letters of Vance Palmer, including letters from Henry Higgins,  

464     Letters of Katharine Susannah Prichard, 1951-57                     

465     Letters of P.A. Ryan, 1966                                          

466     Letter to Lady Scott from Sir Keith Murdoch on the death of her     
        husband, 1939                                                          

467     Letters of P. Serle, 1909-43                                        

468     Letter to Jack Shearer, 1953                                        

469     Letters of Frank Wilmot, 1903-35                                    

470     Letters to Murdoch from Bernard O'Dowd, Sir Frederic Eggleston,
        Miles Franklin and to A.G. Stephens, 1898-52                

Subject files                                                           

471     Murdoch's childhood in Scotland and family background               

472     Schooldays at Camberwell Grammar School and Scotch College,         

473     Maps and notes on Camberwell, ca. 1884-1909                         

474     Notes on Melbourne, pre 1903                                        

475     Occupation as a schoolmaster, 1895-97                               

476     University of Western Australia                                     

477     University of Melbourne                                             

478-479 Murdoch's autobiographical writings                             

480-481 Transcripts of interviews with Murdoch                          

482     Murdoch's interest in public causes, including views on religion    
        and education                                                              

483     Fictional writings                                                  

484     Poetry                                                              

485     Literary notebook                                                   

486     Reviews of Murdoch's writings                                       

487     Notes on articles from The Argus, 1899-1913                         

488     Notes on articles from The Argus, 1919-38 and West Australian,      
        1920-40, Australasian, 1931-37 and The Herald, 1941                             

489     Items listed in Murdoch's cash book (ie. 'Journal'), ca. 1900-1911  

490     Circulation figures of The Argus, 1848-1922 and Australasian,       
        1864-1923 and notes on the introduction of The Argus cable services              

491     Transcripts of, and notes on, broadcasts by Murdoch                 

492     Photocopy of translation by Murdoch and F. Vanzetti of Panzini's    

493     Miscellaneous newspaper articles by Murdoch                         

494     Articles, unpublished writings about Murdoch                        

495     Bibliographical notes on Murdoch                                    

496     Notes on, and minutes of meetings of, the Boobooks                  

497     Notes from the Fintona Girls' School Archives                       

498     Notes from the papers of Sir John Latham                            

499     Notes on interviews conducted by La Nauze with associates of        

500     Notes on Murdoch's 'Answers' column                                 

501     Extracts from Murdoch's 'Afterthoughts' column                      

502     Drafts of article by La Nauze entitled 'Walter Murdoch and the      
        Suburban Spirit'                                                                

503-505 Miscellaneous notes and extracts                                


506-508 Photographs used in The Making of the Australian Constitution   
        and Murdoch : a biography                                                  

For a description of La Nauze's papers in the additions of 18 October 1996 and 13 December 1999, please see the separate 213 page listing (prepared by Lindsay Cleland) which is available in hardcopy form from the Manuscript Reading Room attendant.


Correspondence of John La Nauze, 1956-81

Correspondence received from Professor F.B. Smith and written by La Nauze in his capacity as Professor of History at the University of Melbourne (1956-65) and Professor of History, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University (1966-76).

The principal correspondent is Sir Keith Hancock and there are also letters of Professor R.G. Neale, Professor Ken Inglis, Sir Keith Waller and Dr. Heather Radi.


1 Correspondence, 1956-74 2 Correspondence and documents regarding the Australian Historical Association, 1978-82 8.

8. ADDITION OF 11 AUGUST 2000 (BOX 106)

Correspondence of John La Nauze, 1957-81

A letter file entitled 'University of Tasmania' but containing correspondence with academics at a range of Australian institutions. A number of the letters and references relate to professorial appointments in the Schools of History at the Universities of Melbourne and New England and Monash University. Correspondents include Manning Clark (who comments on Alfred Deakin), Geoffrey Serle, Geoffrey Blainey, Lionel Fredman, Ann Moyal, and Professor John McManners (regarding the boycott of teaching posts at the University of Tasmania in 1958).

Folder 1 Correspondence, 1957-81

9. ADDITION OF 16 JULY 2001(BOXES 106-107 + Folio)

Primary and secondary source material collected by La Nauze, including the papers: 'Theory and method', typescripts of three lectures by R.M. Crawford (1957); 'Jevons' blunder: a possible explanation' by Michael White (c. 1984); 'A shortage of critics', address by Sir Paul Hasluck (15 October 1982). Also of interest is a 1905 pen and ink cartoon by Claude Marquet (1869-1919) which depicts Deakin and the protection issue.


1 Collected papers, 1957-84

2 Microfilm reel containing copies of letters of Forrest, Deakin and others in the collections of the Public Library of Western Australia

3 Three microfilm reels containing copies of Federal Convention records in the collections of the State Library of South Australia

4 A digest of the banking and currency acts, proclamations, orders, etc. of Australia and New Zealand…(c. 1926); The New South Wales parliamentary record, 1856-1907 (1907); Statistics : six states of Australia and New Zealand, 1861-1901 (1902); First consolidated index to the papers presented to parliament, 1901-1949 Folio Pen and ink cartoon by Claude Marquet depicting Deakin and the protection issue, 1905

Guide compiled March 1996. Updated March 2002