Guide to the Papers of Dorothy Green

MS 5678

National Library of Australia

Date completed: November 1993
Last updated: March 2010

This finding aid was revised and published with the assistance of the Ray Mathew and Eva Kollsman Trust.

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Scope and Content


Copying and Publishing

Preferred Citation


Separated Material

Related Material

Biographical Note

Series List and Descriptions

Series 1 Correspondence, 1943-90

Series 2 Literary works

Series 3 Personal and family papers, 1919-81

Series 4 Journalism and teaching, 1943-68

Series 5 Monash University, 1961-63

Series 6 Australian National University, 1965-79

Series 7 Australian Defence Force Academy, 1983-89

Series 8 Lectures

Series 9 Literature Board, 1967-89

Series 10 Australian Society of Authors, 1981-85

Series 11 Association for the Study of Australian Literature, 1980-88

Series 12 Conferences, seminars and public lectures, 1948-88

Series 13 Research material

Series 14 Newspaper cuttings and printed material, 1964-77

Series 15 Miscellaneous items

Box List


Creator: Green, Dorothy, 1915-1991
Title: Papers of Dorothy Green
Date range: 1943-1990
Reference number: MS 5678
Extent: 14.50 metres (86 boxes, 1 carton and 1 folio)
Repository: National Library of Australia Canberra


Scope and Content

The collection includes material relating to Green's career as a journalist; as co-principal of Presbyterian Girl's College in Warwick, Queensland; and as a lecturer in Australian, English and American literature in Monash University, the Australian National University and the Australian Defence Force Academy. There is also material pertaining to Green's diverse interests and research, as well as personal, financial and family papers.


Part available for research (Subseries 2A Folder 31; Subseries 2C; Subseries 2E; Series 5; Series 9 - 12; Subseries 13B - 13C; Subseries 13E - 13I; Series 14 - 15); part requires permission for research (Series 1; Subseries 2A Folders 1 - 30, 32 - 62 + card index; Subseries 2B; Subseries 2D; Subseries 2F - 2G; Series 3; Series 4; Series 6 - 8; Subseries 13A; Subseries 13D).


Some papers were given by Dorothy Green to the Library in various consignments between 1981 and 1990. The bulk of the material (80 boxes, one carton and one folio) was purchased by the Library from Dorothy Green's children following her death in 1991.

Copying and Publishing

Copying and publishing of unpublished manuscript material is subject to copyright restrictions. For such material, written permission to publish must be obtained from the copyright holder(s). Copying of unpublished material for research purposes is permissible 50 years after the death of the creator of the material.

Related Material

The National Library holds the papers of Green's husband, H.M. Green (MS 3925).

Separated Material

Other papers of Dorothy Green are held in the Australian Defence Force Academy Library, Canberra.

Preferred Citation

Items from this collection should be cited as '[Title or description of manuscript item], Papers of Dorothy Green, National Library of Australia, MS 5678, [series and/or folder number]'.

Biographical Note

Dorothy Auchterlonie was born in County Durham, England, in 1915 and educated in England and at Sydney University. In 1944 she married H.M. Green, the University Librarian at the University of Sydney. She worked as a reader, journalist and news editor with the News Service of the ABC (1942-49) and was co-principal of the Presbyterian Girls' College in Warwick, Queensland (1955-60). She was a lecturer in Australian, English and American literature at Monash University (1961-63), the Australian National University (1964-72) and the Australian Defence Force Academy (1979-87).

Green's publications included The music of love: critical essays on literature and life (1984), Ulysses bound: a study of Henry Handel Richardson and her fiction (1986) and Descent of spirit: writing of E.L. Grant Watson (1990). She also produced a revised edition of her husband's A History of Australian literature (1984-85).

Green died in 1991.

Series List and Descriptions

Series 1 Correspondence, 1943-90

Some of the letters appear to have been kept in separate groups. To keep this original order, the correspondence has been arranged into five subseries.

The major correspondents include Diana Baillieu, Barbara Barnes, Martin Boyd, Alec Bolton, Jenny Bosse, Jennifer and Geoff Campbell, Janet Carden, Clem Christesen, Betty Combie, R.D. FitzGerald, A.D. Hope, Margaret Lewis, James McAuley, Joy MacMillan, Greg and Ruth Paris, Elizabeth Perkins, Christina Stead,Kylie Tennant and Judith Wright.

The business correspondence contains letters from publishers as well as other writers. They include Allen and Unwin, Angus and Robertson, ANU Press and Quadrant. Some of the correspondents are George Munster, Brian Chugg, Sara Dowse, Gwen Harwood, Barry Roberts and Elizabeth Webby.

Subseries 1.1 Correspondence in alphabetical order according to the name of correspondent

Folder 1 Photocopies of letters to A.D. Hope (copied from the A.D. Hope Papers, MS 5836)
Folder 2 Letters to Judith Wright
Folder 3 Personal letters from Diana Baillieu, 1966-89
Folder 4 Personal letters from Barbara Barnes, 1978-89
Folder 5 Personal letters from Alec Bolton, 1977-83
Folder 6 Personal letters from Jenny Bosse, 1981-91
Folder 7 Personal letters from Jennifer and Geoff Campbell, 1974
Folder 8-9 Personal letters from Janet Carden,, 1970-83
Folder 10-19 Personal letters from Clem and Nina Christesen, 1955-90
Folder 20 Personal letters from Elspeth (Elsie) Christiansen, 1970
Folder 21 Personal letters from Brian Chugg, 1984-87
Folder 22-30 Personal letters from Betty Crombie, 1957-87
Folder 31 Personal letters from Joan and Cathy Carey, 1987-88
Folder 32 Personal letters from Sara Dowse, 1990
Folder 33 Personal letters from Gwen Harwood, 1990
Folder 34-43 Personal letters from Margaret G. Lewis, 1964-88
Folder 44 Personal letters from Joy McMillan,, 1976-83
Folder 45 Personal letters from Ruth Paris, 1962-70
Folder 1946-52 Personal letters from Elizabeth Perkins, 1964-90
Folder 53 Personal letters from Barry Roberts, 1990
Folder 54 Personal letters from Christina Stead, 1979-80
Folder 55 Personal letters from Christina Webby, 1990
Folder 56-59 Correspondence alphabetically arranged: A-D, 1943-88
Folder 60-68 Correspondence alphabetically arranged: E-P, 1963-88
Folder 69-73 Correspondence alphabetically arranged: R-W, 1953-88

Subseries 1.2 Correspondence in chronological order

Folder 74 1937-58
Folder 75-77 Cards and letters of condolences, 1962
Folder 78 Legal correspondence concerning H.M. Green, 1962-64
Folder 79 1960-69
Folder 80 1970-71
Folder 82 1972-73
Folder 83-85 1975-78
Folder 86-93 1979-85
Folder 94-102 1986-88
Folder 103-111 1989-January 1990
Folder 112-121 1990 (February- November)
Folder 122-123 1990 (December)
Folder 124 1991
Folder 125-26 n.d.

Subseries 1.3 Business correspondence

Folder 127-28 The Age, 1982-86
Folder 129 Allen &Unwin, 1985-86
Folder 130 Angus& Robertson, 1973-83
Folder 131 Australian National University Press, 1967-85
Folder 132 Australian Research Grant Scheme, 1982
Folder 133 Bulletin and Quadrant, 1978-82
Folder 134 Canberra Times, 1988
Folder 135 University of New England, 1980-83
Folder 136 George Munster, National Review
Folder 137 Correspondence with various publishers and editors, 1977-81
Folder 138 Correspondence concerning reviews,, 1984-1985
Folder 139-41 Miscellaneous business correpondence and copies of letters sent, 1969-87

Subseries 1.4 Correspondence received 1987

Folder 142 Margaret Capon, 1976-86
Folder 143-44 R.D. FitzGerald, 1966-80
Folder 145 Nancy Kusnei (Keesing)?
Folder 146 J.P. McCauley, 1936-73
Folder 147 Walter Neustatter, 1968-75
Folder 148 Olga Roncoroni, 1969-81
Folder 149 Douglas Stewart and other poets contributing to Australian Poetry, 1968
Folder 150-52 Kylie Tennant, 1947-83
Folder 153 Judith Wright, 1982
Folder 154 Miscellaneous letters received as poetry editor, 1966
Box 17-18 Unsorted greeting cards

Subseries 1.5 Correspondence received in 1984

Folder 155-57 A D Hope, 1953-80

This folder is restricted.

Folder 158-62 Christina Stead, 1969-77

This folder is restricted.

Series 2 Literary works

The papers in this series have been arranged into subseries - Subseries 2A-2G.

Subseries 2A Ulysses bound: a study of Henry Handel Richardson and her fiction, 1969-90

Correspondence, notes, drafts, research material, cuttings, author and galley proofs, and photocopies pertaining to the book. The research material includes photocopies of correspondence between Walter Lindesay Richardson and his family (1859-79). There is also a large body of correspondence with William Norris, who shared the same interest in Henry Handel Richardson. Norris also sent Green cuttings and photocopies pertaining to Richardson. The correspondents include Clem Christesen, Geoff Serle, Margaret Capon, Olga Roncoroni, and Walter, Mary and Patrick Neustatter.

Folder 1-6 Letters of William Norris, 1971-89
Folder 6-7 Newspaper clippings and printed material and photocopies
Folder 8 Margaret Capon, 1982-90
Folder 9 Heather Radi, 1987
Folder 10 Hanne Bock, 1977-85
Folder 11 Hanne Nielson, 1976
Folder 12 D. Clark (notes)
Folder 13 Photocopies of letters by Walter L. Richardson, 1853-76
Folder 14 Photocopies of Mary Richardson journal and letters, 1859-74
Folder 15 Photocopies of Lucinda Cheyne's letters to W.L.Richardson, 1857-63
Folder 16-18 Photocopies of W.L.Richardson correspondence, 1859-79
Folder 19 Photocopies of W.L.Richardson Will and probate, 1879
Folder 20 Photocopies of W.L.Richardson commonplace book, 1870
Folder 21-22 Photocopies of old letters, notes and correspondence, 1869-74
Folder 23 Typescripts
Folder 24 Typescripts of articles and notes from A.D. Hope [n.d.]
Folder 25 Typescripts of Seminar papers
Folder 26 Typescript: The H.H. Richardson Centenary Lecture , 1970
Folder 27 'A great liar' at PLC Melbourne, 1883-85
Folder 28 Notes and typescripts: Maurice Guest
Folder 29-30 Miscellaneous notes
Folder 31 Songs by H.H.R.
Folder 32 Author's proof (H.H.R. material)
Folder 33 Photocopies of H.H.R. photographs
Folder 34-35 Printed and photocopies of articles
Folder 36 Olga Maria Roncoroni
Folder 37 Draft article on H.H.R. [n.d]
Folder 38 Draft for 'Pot and Kettle' (published in Overlander)
Folder 39 'At home nowhere': H.H. Richardson
Folder 40 'Anti-vaccination and syphilis', transcript, New England, 1985
Folder 41 Letters of Geoff Serle and Clem Christesen commenting on Ulysses bound , 1973
Folder 42 Photocopies of articles by Elizabeth Summons
Folder 43 Reviews, 1973-74
Folder 44 Australian Dictionary of Biography: entry on H.H. Richardson
Folder 45-47 Writers Week - Adelaide, 1977-78
Folder 48 Correspondence, typescript and printed material
Folder 48 Newspaper cuttings and five envelopes of photographs
Folder 1949-53 Ulysses bound - annotated typescript draft
Folder 1953-62 Ulysses bound - galley proof
Box 28 Card indexes

Subseries 2B Martin Boyd, 1966-75

This piece on Martin Boyd was not published.

This subseries consists of correspondence, drafts, typescripts, notes, photocopies and cuttings for a proposed book on the novelist Martin Boyd. The correspondents include Martin Boyd, Arthur Boyd, Phyllis Boyd, Gerry A. Wilkes, Paul de Serville, Rodney Wetherell and Reverend J. Guidera. The typescripts include copies of articles by Green, Brenda Niall, Patricia Dobrez and Pamela Ruskin. (11 folders)

Subseries 2C The music of Love

Published by Penguin Books, 1984

The series includes drafts, typescripts and photocopies. Some of the essays included in the book had been published as separate articles. (4 folders)

Subseries 2D A history of Australian literature

Published by Angus and Robertson, 1984-85.

The two volumes were originally written by H.M. Green and published in 1962. The series contains research notes, photocopies and roneoed material which were used in this revised edition. Some research material was for the proposed, but never completed, third volume. (7 folders)

Subseries 2E Drafts of reviews and articles, 1961-89

Most of the reviews and articles were published in the Canberra Times and some of them were used in The music of love. The series includes drafts, photocopies, cuttings and copies of Green's letters to the editor of the Canberra Times. (24 folders)

Subseries 2F Notebooks

The notebooks contain drafts and notes.

Subseries 2G Miscellaneous drafts and notes

This series contains drafts and notes on various subjects including Christina Stead (typescript of 'Chaos, or a dancing star' by Green and a copy of Chris Williams' draft of her book Christina Stead), Joyce Carey (for other material on Carey see Series 7), Joseph Furphy, Ginger Meggs, Henry Kendall, Alexander Pope, William Dunbar and a typescript "François Villon: ruffian, robber, murderer and poet". (17 folders)

Series 3 Personal and family papers, 1919-81

The series includes financial papers relating to the sales of properties (including a house in Queen Street, Ulverstone, Tasmania and a unit in Punt Road, South Yarra, Victoria, 1961-80), school certificates and prizes (1928-32), telegrams sent on Green's wedding day (May 1944), papers relating to visits to England (1974) and Yugoslavia (1979), drafts of Green's M.A. thesis on Thomas Lovell Beddoes (Sydney University, 1940), miscellaneous correspondence and miscellaneous documents of James Thompson (Auchterlonnie?, 1919-32). The correspondents include Jose Moravec and Mirko Jurak. (12 folders)

Series 4 Journalism and teaching, 1943-68

The papers relating to Green's career as a journalist (1943-52) include typescripts of articles, typescripts of ABC news and letters from her editors, Dorothy Drain, Esme Fenston and John Quinn.

Green was co- principal of the Presbyterian Girls' College in Warwick, Queensland (1957-60). The papers include cuttings, photographs and letters of Constance Mackness. (8 folders)

Series 5 Monash University, 1961-63

This small series comprises a copy of Green's letter of application for the position of lecturership in English and Australian literature, roneoed material, drafts and cuttings. (9 folders)

Series 6 Australian National University, 1965-79

Notes, drafts, roneoed material and photocopies used for teaching Australian literature, Greek and medieval drama. (7 folders)

Series 7 Australian Defence Force Academy, 1983-89

The series includes typescripts and drafts of lectures and tutorials (eg. William Blake, Joyce Carey, Emily Dickinson, Anna Broadstreet and Ed Taylor), drafts of papers given at seminars and conferences (eg. "Language and inner life", "The shock of battle", "Gorbachev's Vladivostock initiative", "Directions in Australian literary criticism and scholarship" and a seminar on the poet Francis Webb) and correspondence. The correspondents include W.G. Spooner, D.L. Moore and Kevin McBrearty. There is also some correspondence with John Cawte, Michael Dudley and Rosemary Dobson concerning the seminar on Francis Webb in 1983, and copies of Webb's letters to Clem Christesen (1961-70).

Folder 1 William Blake
Folder 2 Joyce Cary
Folder 3 Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Folder 4 William Congreve
Folder 5 Joseph Conrad
Folder 6 John Dryden
Folder 7-8 George Eliot
Folder 9 T S Eliot
Folder 10-11 Ralph Emerson
Folder 12 Robert Frost
Folder 13 Thomas Hardy
Folder 14 James Joyce
Folder 15 John Keats
Folder 16 Walt Whitman
Folder 17 E.A. Robinson
Folder 18 Othello
Folder 19 Percy Shelley
Folder 20 Oscar Wilde
Folder 21 David Williamson
Folder 22 William Wordsworth
Folder 23-24 American Poetry
Folder 25-29 English I: Poetry
Folder 30-31 English I: Fiction
Folder 32-33 English tutorials
Folder 34 English miscellaneous
Folder 35-36 English comedy
Folder 37 16th century prose
Folder 38 Bush ballads
Folder 39-40 Courses
Folder 41 Seminar on 'Language and inner light', 1985
Folder 42 Seminar Australian studies, 1986
Folder 43-45 Seminar: 'The shock of battle', 1989
Folder 46 ADFA Symposium: 'Gorbachov's Vladivostov initiative', 1987
Folder 47 Conference: 'Direction in Australian literature'
Folder 48-49 Seminar: 'Francis Webb', 1983
Folder 50 Letter of Rosemary Dobson concerning F. Webb, 1983
Folder 51 Papers of D.M. Dudley
Folder 52 Copies of F. Webb letters to Clem Christesen , 1961-70
Folder 53-54 Correspondence, 1979-83

Series 8 Lectures

Dorothy Green's drafts of mostly unidentified lectures. The papers in this series were acquired by the Library in 1987 .

Folder 1 Five Elizabethan comedies
Folder 2 'The crucible' (Arthur Miller)
Folder 3 American drama
Folder 4 Various notes
Folder 5 'The white devil' (John Webster)
Folder 6 Henrik Ibsen
Folder 7 'The playboy of the Western world' (Synge)
Folder 8 Christopher Marlowe
Folder 9 Shakespeare
Folder 10 Ben Jonson, T.S. Eliot and The New Fortune (brochure)
Folder 11-12 Shakespeare
Folder 13 Shakespeare and the Elizabethan stage
Folder 14 Development of English prose and Elizaethan tragedy
Folder 15 Introduction to Swift
Folder 16 Designing stages and modern Australian plans
Folder 17 John Donne, Hakluyt to Donne
Folder 18 Thomas Browne
Folder 19 Ninteenth century literature
Folder 20 Prose extracts
Folder 21 Prose general
Folder 22 The development of the English prose sentence - outline
Folder 23 Prose passages and extracts
Folder 24 Miscellaneous notes and press cuttings

Series 9 Literature Board, 1967-89

Green received a grant from the Literature Board of the Australia Council in 1979 to work on the new edition of A history of Australian literature and was made an Emeritus Fellow in 1984. The series comprises circulars, leaflets and correspondence.The correspondents include Michael Costigan, Elaine Lindsay, Tom Shapcott, Irene Stevens, Kevin Waddell, W.R. Cumming and A.A. Staley (3 folders).

Series 10 Australian Society of Authors, 1981-85

Green was a member of the Society. The series contains newsletters, copies of Australian Author (1982-85), roneoed material and circulars. (4 folders)

Series 11 Association for the Study of Australian Literature, 1980-88

Dorothy Green was a member of ASAL. The series includes papers written and delivered by Green at the conferences ("A living history?" a keynote address given at ASAL 87 in Launceston and "The road not taken?" a paper given at ASAL 88 in Sydney), a copy of a talk by Judith Wright given atASAL 85 and miscellaneous material relating to the Association. (7 folders)

Series 12 Conferences, seminars and public lectures, 1948-88

The earliest conference paper found in this series is the U.N. Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East Lapstone Conference (1948), which Green attended on behalf of the ABC news service. Other conferences represented in the series include the National Identity Conference at the University of Queensland (1968), the Conference on the Teaching of Australian Literature at James Cook University of Northern Queensland (1971) and a symposium at the Salamanca Arts Festival in Hobart (1973). (15 folders)

Series 13 Research material

The types of material found in this series reflect Green's diverse interests. Some of the papers were sent to Green by other writers and researchers because of her interest in the subjects. The series has been arranged into the following sub-series:

Subseries 13A John Cawte, 1982-1990

John Cawte was an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Prince Henry Hospital at the University of New South Wales, who appears to have shared literary (eg. the poet Francis Webb) and other interests (eg. mental illness) with Green. The series comprises Cawte's letters to Green, photocopies (mostly published articles written by Cawte), cuttings and printed material. (8 folders)

Subseries 13B Environmental issues, 1984-1989

The series includes a typescript by Green "Conditioned man" [n.d.], leaflets, photocopies and printed material. ( 3 folders)

Subseries 13C Peace movement and nuclear disarmament

Green had a strong interest in the peace and nuclear disarmament movement. The series includes typescripts by Green (including "Aspidistra and coca cola": a speech delivered at the meeting of the Australian Association for Armed Neutrality in April 1988 and "Nuclear war: a personal view": a paper delivered at a conference in Wollongong in September 1982), articles and letters by Alex Carey, material pertaining to the Australian Council of Churches, cuttings, photocopies and printed material (eg. Peace dossier, 1982-86 and Peace studies, 1984-85).

Folder 12-13 Typescripts by Dorothy Green and by Alex Carey
Folder 14 Typescripts by Dorothy Green and by Alex Carey
Folder 15-18 Letters and writings by A. Carey
Folder 19-22 Australian Council of Churches
Folder 23 Vietnam
Folder 24 Article by M.and B. Danielsson [n.d.]
Folder 25 Photocopies of leaflet from Mary Cassini
Folder 26 WANA symposium, 1988
Folder 27 WANA meeting, 1987
Folder 28 Writers seminar, 1986
Folder 29 Typed draft of address to the Australian Association for Armed Neutrality
Folder 30 Typed draft of articles
Folder 31 Letter and proposed article for National Times, 1983
Folder 32 Nuclear war: a personal view, paper delivered at a conference in Wollongong, 1982
Folder 33 'Aspiditra and coca cola' a speech delivered at a meeting of the AAAN , 1988
Folder 34-35 Photocopies and cuttings
Folder 36 Miscellaneous papers, photocopies and printed material from meeting, 9 February 1983
Folder 37-42 Miscellaneous
Box 64-66 Printed material and newspaper clippings

Subseries 13D Philosophy and religion, 1977-89

Notebook, typescript by Green on Harold F. Stewart and printed material. (3 folders)

Subseries 13E Education, 1965-84

Typescripts (including "A way of living or an article of commerce?" by Green), roneoed and printed material. (4 folders)

Subseries 13F Drama and poetry reading, 1965-70

Notes, cuttings, photocopies, roneoed material concerning the production of "Everyman" in Canberra in 1965, the ACT Arts Council Autumn Poetry Festival in 1970 and others. (7 folders)

Subseries 13G Aborigines

Typescripts, including "The road not taken" by Green and "Aborigines and mining" by Judith Wright, and printed material. (4 folders)

Subseries 13H Writings by others

Typescripts and photocopies sent to Green by other writers including, John Kenneth Galbraith ("The age of uncertainties"), Humphrey McQueen (on Petrov), J. Enoch Powell, Andrew Lohrey, Peter Newman, Tony Fitzgerald, Tony Page, Sverker Sörlin and P.R. Stephensen.

Folder 61 Tony Fitzgerald, 1984
Folder 62 Andrew Lohrey, 1984
Folder 63 John K. Galbraith, 1977
Folder 64 Typescript on Petrov by H.McQueen
Folder 65 Peter Newman
Folder 66 Tony Page
Folder 67 J. Enoch Powell
Folder 68 Suerker Sorlin, 1988
Folder 69 Article by P.R. Stephensen
Folder 70 Papers by others
Folder 71 Emily Martilda Manning

Subseries 13I Miscellaneous, 1969-88

Correspondence, notes, typescripts, photocopies and cuttings relating to various topics, including immigration, Monash University's Women Biography Project (1981-83), feminism, Word Festival, E.L. Grant Watson, Serbo-Croatia issues and copies of Le Gay Brereton's letters to Duncan Hall (the original letters are at NLA MS 7229). The main correspondents are Marilyn Lake, Farley Kelly, Jean Ada and Heather E. Peek. (12 folders)

Series 14 Newspaper cuttings and printed material, 1964-77

Some of the cuttings had been arranged according to their subjects by the donor and this order has been maintained. The series has been arranged into two subseries.

Subseries 14.1 Newspaper cuttings - literary subjects

Folder 1 A-B

Aesthetics, Beauty

American literature: general

American literature: prose

American Literature: verse

Andersen, Hans Christian

Arnold, Matthew

Auden, W.H.

Austen, Jane

Barrie, J.M.


Bennett, Arnold

Best sellers


Bridges, Robert

Browning, Robert

Butler, Samuel

Folder 2 C-D

Carlyle, Thomas

Carey, Joyce


Chesterton, G.K.

Chekhov, Anton


Conan Doyle, Arthur

Coward, Noel

Crabbe, George


Davies, W.H.

De la Mare, Walter

Detective stories

Folder 3 D

Dickens, Charles

Dickinson, Emily

Donne, John

Dostoevsky, Fyodor

Dreiser, Theodore


Dryden, John

Dunsany, Lord

Folder 3 E


Eighteenth century

Eliot, George

Eliot, T.S.

Folder 4 E-G



Fantasies, Space

Faulkner, William


Fielding, Henry


French literature

Frost, Robert

Galsworthy, John

German literature

Graves, Robert

Folder 5 H-I

Hardy, Thomas

Hemingway, Ernest


Hopkins, G.M.

Housman, A.E.

Hudson, W.H.

Huxley, Aldous

Ibsen, Henrik

Irish literature

Folder 6 J-L

Jacobs, W.W.

James, Henry

Joyce, James

Keats, John

Kipling, Rudyard


Lawrence, D.H.

Lewis, C.S.

Lewis, Wyndham

Folder 7 L-M

Literature : History 1 and 2

Literature today

London, Jack

Mann, Thomas

Folder 7 M

Mansfield, Katherine

Masefield, John

Maugham, W.S.

Melville, Herman

Meredith, George

Milton, John


Folder 8 M-P

Moore, George

Morgan, Charles

O'Casey, Sean

O'Neill, Eugene

Pater, Walter


Poe, Edgar Alan


Pound, Ezra


Priestley, J.B.

Folder 9 P-S

Proust, Marcel


Richardson, D.M.

Romanticism and Classicism

Russell, Countess

Russell, G.W.

Russian literature

Sainsbury, George


Scott, Walter


Shakespeare, William

Shaw, G.B.

Shelley, Percy

Sitwell, Edith

Spender, Stephen

Stapledon, Olaf

Sterne, Laurence

Stevenson, R.L.

Strachey, L.


Folder 9 T

Tennyson, Alfred

Tolstoi, Leo

Folder 10 T-W

Turgenev, Ivan

Turner, W.J.

Twain, Mark

Verse - modern

Whitman, Walt

Wilder, Thornton

Wolfe, Humbert

Woolf, Virginia

Folder 11 Yeats, W.B.

Subseries 14.2 Newspaper cuttings - general

Folder 12 A


Academic tenure

Adams (Guilt)

Folder 13 A


Agriculture business


Airlines policy



Arms industry - firearms

Art in Australia

Asian studies

Australia card

Folder 14 B-C

Bicentennial (Aborigines, Cook


Bjelke Petersen, Johannes

Boredom (Graham Greene

Burchett, Wilfrid

Canberra - history, literacy, etc

Folder 15 C


Cartoonists (Leunig)


Cervical cancer

Chemical warfare

Children (cruelty)


China (Beijing massacres)

Folder 16 C

Churches: Catholic

Churches: Russian Orthodox

Civil liberties: police powers

Clark, Manning: Hughes, Helen

Computers: artificial intelligence

Computers: education

Computers: electronic democracy

Constitution (U.S. and Australian)

Folder 17 D

Daltons Bookshop


Defence (including Pine Gap)

Disarmament (WANA)





Folder 18 E





Empire (End of)

Folder 19 F


Fiji - New Caledonia

Food irradiation

Forest devastation

Freedom of information

French nuclear tests

Furlong, Hillary (Australian Film Commission

Folder 20 G


Genetic engineering

Gerrymander (Qld)

Gilmore, Mary

Graduate Tax

Gray, Robert

Green Paper (Education)

Folder 20 G

Green house effects

Greer, Germaine

Gulf War (Arms Bazaar)

Folder 21 H

Hall, Rodney

Hawke, R.J.

Hawke Government record

Hayden, Bill

Health: Irradiation

Health: Women's health service

Hippocratic Oath

History (Road to Botany Bay)

Hope, A.D.


Folder 22 I-K

Information Revolution

Inglis, Amirah


India (wife burning)



Iran scandal





Kramer, Leonie

Folder 23 L

Labor Party betrayals

Langmore, John



Legal system (including Staples)

Levi, Primo


Litaracy: adult

Literary: history

Literary: magazines


Literature Board


Folder 24 M

MacArthur myth

Macmahon Ball, William

McQueen, Humphrey


Marshall Islands






Moral irresponsibility


Folder 25 N



Newspapers and pornography


Nuclear power

Nuclear ships visit

Nuclear war

Folder 26 O-P

Ollif, Lorna

Papandreou, Andreas


Parliamentary education inservice network

Parliament House

Folder 27 P

Peace activities

Petrov case


Pilger, John


Population explosion and peace

Poverty: child


Public service: Australia

Publishing and the book trade

Pulp mills

Folder 28 R



Road accidents

Rushdie, Salman

Folder 28 S



Scientific research

Scientists and Science (including SANA)

Secrecy Agreements

Folder 29 S

Self rule for Canberra


Social Darwinism

Social security

Soil research

South Africa

Soviet expansion (Gwyn Dyer)

Soviet Union (New Era): Chernobyl

Soviet Union: 'Greenies'

Space search

Spy Catcher

Star Wars

Stephen, Ninian

Stock market crash

Folder 30 T

Tankard, Meryl


Tax evasion

Thatcher (Budget)

Third World (Langmore)

Throssell, Ric

Trainor, Ted

Folder 31 U-V

United Nations

United States

Uranium breachers

Valentines Day

[Vidal, Gore]

Video pornography


Folder 32 W

Wall Street crash

Warden, Ian




Folder 32 W-Y

Whitlam Dismissal (Pilger)

Wildlife trade

Wittgenstein, Ludwig

Women: general

Women: under Hitler

Wood, Robert (NDP)

Yellow rain exposed

Folder 33 Miscellaneous items
Folder 34 The Listener, 13 Jan 1977 and 30 Aug 1984

Series 15 Miscellaneous items

This series includes various card indexes, video tapes, X-rays, a handbag and printed material.

Box List

Box Series Folders
1 1 1-2
1 1 3-7
2 1 8-16
3 1 17-25
4 1 26-33
5 1 34-41
6 1 42-50
7 1 51-54
7 1 55-59
8 1 60-68
9 1 69-73
Correspondence: chronological
9 1 74-77
10 1 78-85
11 1 86-93
12 1 94-102
13 1 103-111
14 1 112-121
15 1 122-126
15 1 127-130
16 1 131-143
85 1 142-154
86 1 155-162
17-18 1 Unsorted greeting cards
19 2A 1-5
20 2A 6-12
21 2A 13-20
22 2A 21-28
23 2A 29-36
24 2A 37-44
25 2A 45-48
26 2A 49-55
27 2A 56-62
28 2A card index
29 2B 63-73
30 2D 78-79
31 2D 80-84
32A 2C 74-77
32A 2E 85-86
32 2E 87-94
33 2E 95-101
34 2E 102-109
35 2F Notebooks
36 2G 110-118
37 2G 119-128
38 3 1-5
39 3 6-13
40 4 1-8
41 5 1-9
42 6 1-7
43 7 1-8
44 7 9-16
45 7 17-24
46 7 25-33
47 7 34-41
48 7 42-47
49 7 48-54
50 8 1-9
51 8 10-18
52 8 19-24
53 9 1-3
53 10 1-3
54 10 4
54 11 1-5
55 11 6-7
55 12 1-4
56 12 5-15
57 12 13-15
57 13A 1-5
58 13A 6-8
59A 13B 9-11
59A 13C 12
59 13C 13-18
60 13C 19-25
61 13C 26-33
62 13C 34-38
63 13C 39-42
64-66 13 Printed material
67 13D 43-45
68 13E 46-49
68 13F 50-53
69 13F 54-56
69 13G 57-60
70 13H 61-68
71 13H 69-70
71 13I 71-76
72 13I 77-84
73 13I 85-91
74 13I 92-93
74 14 4 envelopes
75 14 1-7
76 14 8-11
77 14 12-19
78 14 20-26
79 14 27-34
80 14 Miscellaneous newspapers
81-82 15 Miscellaneous books and magazines
83-84 15 Miscellaneous items
85-86 see series 1