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In addition to the Barton Papers, the National Library holds a few other Barton manuscripts which were received from various sources:

A number of manuscript collections in the National Library contain letters, either original or copies, written by Edmund Barton. They include:

In addition to the Barton Papers the Library holds other manuscript collections which contain letters or other materials relating to Barton. These are described in Special collections relating to Sir Edmund Barton in the National Library of Australia

Papers of the Maughan Family, dating from 1920 to 1990, are held at MS 8988. Jean Barton, the eldest daughter of Sir Edmund and Lady Barton, married David Maughan, a Sydney barrister, in 1909. Maughan was knighted in 1951.

Apart from the papers in the National Library, the other collection of Barton Papers is held in the Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales, Sydney (ML MSS. 249). It comprises five volumes, of which one volume is an index of correspondents. The papers of Edmund Barton, 1887-1919, mostly relate to New South Wales politics, Federation, legal and personal matters. One volume contains family papers, 1832-67.

Collection level catalogue descriptions for the entire Manuscript Collection can be found in the Manuscripts view of the NLA Catalogue and in the Register of Australian Archives and Manuscripts (RAAM). RAAM also includes information on other manuscript and archival collections in Australia.