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Series 1: Correspondence 1827-1921

Name Index of Correspondence
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Macfarlane, W.?   From: 1842
Maclaurin, Sir Henry Normand   From: 1798
Madden, Sir John   From: 1282a
Manning, Sir William M.   From: 135-5a, 1292a
Martin, P. J.   From: 1320a-20b
  To: 1319a
Maughan, David   From: 1653a-9a, 1820
  To: 1407a, 1473a-4a
Maughan, J. M.   From: 1633a
Maughan, Jean A.   From: 1686a
  To: 1395a, 1408a-9a, 1415a, 1431a, 1476a, 1477a-9a, 1490a-6a, 1497a-500a, 1506a, 1507a-9a, 1512a, 1644a, 1646a, 1653a-9a, 1660a-3a
Maughan, William John R.   To: 1301a
McCullagh, J.   From: 1805-5a
McDowell, William O.   From: 1343a-51a
McGowan, R.W.   From: 1841
McGuire, A.   From: 527, 1291a
McIntyre, J. E.   To: 1153a, 1156a
McLean, Allan   From: 499, 570
  To: 446, 496
McMahon, J. Y.   To: 1150a
McMillan, Sir William   From: 304, 749, 1308a, 1797
McPherson, William M. (later Sir William)   From: 1578a
Menpes, Mortimer   From: 687
Meredith, John B.   To: 1155a
Moore, Frederick H.   From: 163, 174
Moran, Cardinal Patrick   From: 1101a, 1188a
Morrisson, M.   From: 1716
Munro-Ferguson, Sir Ronald (later Lord Novar)   From: 1573a, 1594a, 1597a, 1647a
Murray, Alfred A.   From: 1017a
Murray, C.E.R.   From: 1811
Murray, John H. P. (later Sir Hubert)   From: 1440a
Murray, William   From: 1443a-4a, 1447a, 1456a


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