Author Talk: David Astle

Author Talk: David Astle
Riddledom - 101 Riddles and Their Stories Talks / Lecture

Image of David Astle
12 October 2015, 6pm-7pm
Conference Room, Foyer, Level 4

$10 (Includes refreshments and book signing)

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Join David Astle as he plunges into the realm of riddles. In his latest book, Riddledom: 101 Riddles and Their Stories, he uncovers stories, wordplay and linguistic deceptions from Pompeiian walls to Dothraki warriors, clay tablets to icy pole sticks. He asks the questions posed of our world since antiquity, unlocking culture one conundrum at a time.

Astle has been called by actor Geoffrey Rush "the Sergeant Pepper of cryptic crosswords" for the inventiveness of his crosswords which appear in the Sydney Morning Herald and Age under the name DA. As well as penning two books on crosswords, he regularly writes about words in his weekly "Wordplay" column for the Sydney Morning Herald. In 2013, he helped create the word phub (used when someone is ignored in favour of a mobile phone, a portmanteau of phone and snub).