FILM: Drunken Master

FILM: Drunken Master
(1978, 111 mins, M) Film

Print of Jackie Chan
19 January 2016, 2pm-4pm
Theatre, Lower Ground 1


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Contemporary chop-socky fans will know the historical hero Wong Fei Hung (1847-1924) through Jet li's sober, prouder performances in Once Upon A Time in China series.

By contrast, in the 1978 classic and first of two Drunken Master movies, Jackie Chan gives the master a zany spin - playing him as a lazy buffoon who is trained in the Drunken Style Fist Kung Fu by a foul-mouthed, sadistic derelict, in order to stop an assassin. The movie made Chan a star, and has since become one of Chan's biggest hits ever.

Starring Jackie Chan.