National Library of Australia

Vol 8, No 2 (2014)

The Adopted Person ... Remembers ... Speaks

In memory of Charlotte Dawson (08.04.1966 - 22.02.2014) & L'Wren Scott (28.04.1964 - 17.03.2014)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF

National Archives Exhibition on Forced Adoption

Hidden history and impact of forced adoptions PDF
Amy, Curator, National Archives of Australia

Upcoming Conferences

Fifth International Conference on Adoption Research, 13-16 January 2016 PDF

General Articles

Where darkness resides: suicide and being adopted – is there a connection of elevated risk? Abstract PDF
Thomas Graham

Personal Stories and Reflections

A hole in the heart: on secrets, silence and sorrow Abstract PDF
Sue Bond
The changing sky Abstract PDF
Kylie Carman-Brown
Personal identity and connectedness: Administrative barriers to establishing identity Abstract PDF
Jane Eales
‘A good adoption’: Telling an inside story Abstract PDF
Anne Else
Birth Stories Abstract PDF
Sofie Gregory
Fragments from an Adopted Daughter Abstract PDF
Maria Haenga-Collins
Extracts From “The Adoption Notebook: Notes From Above Ground” Abstract PDF
Daniel Harrison
The changing performance of Adoptee Abstract PDF
Chris Lambert
The Rise of the Adoptee Rights Movement in the 21st Century Abstract PDF
Catherine Lynch
Bequest Abstract PDF
Melinda Rackham
Reunions and Moving On Abstract PDF
Denise Sheehan
Darling Adopted Daughter: searching for catharsis through the process of writing a memoir Abstract PDF
Jo Sparrow

Exhibitions and Events

give away Abstract PDF
Nicole Porter (Paula Barker)

Book and Movie Reviews

A legitimate life - A Forbidden Journey of Self-Discovery by Melinda A. Warshaw PDF
Thomas Graham

Masters Theses

An investigation into the lived experience of New Zealand birth and adoptive mothers in open adoption Abstract PDF
Nelly Kalizinje

Honours Theses

Adoption Websites: A Content Analysis Abstract PDF
Michelle Coyne
Growing up with an adopted sibling: A retrospective study of the resident children’s experiences Abstract PDF
Luzaan Nel
When Celebrity Policy Entrepreneurship is Not Good Enough: Intercountry Adoption Policy in Australia Abstract PDF
Helen Hye Ryung Oh