National Library of Australia

Vol 6, No 1 (2012)

Papers of the 10th Australian Adoption Conference

The conference was hosted by the Victorian Sate Government at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre on the 22nd and 23rd October 2012.

Table of Contents

Conference Program

Conference Program: People - Perspectives - Practices, Adoption and Permanent Care PDF

Day 1: Keynote Address

Snapshots from the Long History of Adoption in Australia Abstract PDF
Professor Shurlee Swain
Life Story Work - A model of recovery for traumatised children who are adopted Abstract PDF
Richard Rose

Day 1: Concurrent Sessions

Film: Resilience Abstract PDF
Tammy Chu
Living with adoption: a quest for hope, healing and happiness Abstract PDF
Thomas Graham
Envisaging a new model of stability for Aboriginal children Abstract PDF
Rene Sephton, Gemma Morgan
Kinship bonds, ‘favourite uncle/aunt’ and ‘walking on eggshells’: life after reunion for birth fathers Abstract PDF
Dr Gary Clapton
A Report on the Findings of the Monash History of Adoption Project Abstract PDF
Marian Quartly, Denise Cuthbert, Shurlee Swain
Therapeutic Parenting: information, skills and support for parents of children with additional emotional and behavioural needs Abstract PDF
Sandi Petersen
The impact of Australia's past adoption practices: Results from a national study of those affected. Abstract PDF
Dr Daryl Higgins, Pauline Kenny
Who's in the Driver's Seat - The Practice of Care Abstract PDF
Gregory Nicolau
Q & A Panel Discussion: Transnational Adoptee Scholar & Artist Panel: Trends and Perspectives Abstract XML
Jane Trenka, Dominic Golding, HeeRa Heaser, Jessica Walton, Dr Indigo Willing
VANISH - Reconnecting: reflection, rejection, contact and support groups Abstract PDF
Coleen Clare, Lauren Burns
Collaboration in open adoption: The birthmothers' experience Abstract PDF
Dr Phillipa Castle
The concept of disenfranchised trauma. Mothers and closed adoption Abstract PDF
Brendon Carroll, Anglea Karavidas
Adoptive mothering with openness - an autoethnography writ small Abstract PDF
Dr Jennifer Rice
Late Revelation – The impact of adoption in midlife Abstract PDF
Margaret Watson
Sowing the seeds for future apologies? Looking at practice in ICA in light of Australian government apologies related to forced child removal Abstract PDF
Professor Denise Cuthbert, Dr Patricia Fronek
Is adopting out the 'unchoice' in contemporary Australia Abstract PDF
Anne Webster
Why does it take so long? Delays in achieving adoption Abstract PDF
Lisa Vihtonen, Ainsley Bryant

Day 2: Keynote Address

Permanency and concurrent planning for children Abstract PDF
Jeanne Kaniuk
Birth Fathers and Adoption: An Academic, Professional and Personal Stock-Take of the Past and Present plus Some Future Challenges Abstract PDF
Dr Gary Clapton
Getting Korea on TRACK: Abandoning Discrimination, Adopting Mothers' and Children's Rights Abstract PDF
Jane Trenka

Day 2: Concurrent Sessions

A Continuum of Care Abstract PDF
Sheri Shenker, Kathryn McLeod, Carmel Hussey
Adopted Women as Mothers: preliminary findings of a PhD research study Abstract PDF
Jenny Conrick
The late discovery of adoptive and donor insemination offspring status: ethical implications for conceptual understandings of the ‘best interests of the child’ principle Abstract PDF
Dr Helen Riley
‘Belonging’ and Out-Of-Home Care (Permanent Care in Practice) Abstract PDF
Dan Barron
Sinking the mother ship Abstract PDF
Evelyn Robinson

Day 2: Panel Discussion - Use of Social Media

The Role of Facebook in Post-Adoption Search and Support Abstract PDF
Jane Adams
Fanning the Flames of the Anti-Adoption Discourse on Facebook Abstract PDF
Dominic Golding
Capturing the KAD: 'K'orean 'AD'optee Social Media Collaboration in Australia Abstract PDF
HeeRa Heaser
The Role of Facebook in Post-adoption Search and Support Abstract PDF
Charlotte Smith