National Library of Australia

Vol 7, No 2 (2013)

Donor Conception and Adoption

In memory of Narelle Grech (1982 - 2013)

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF

General Articles

Is a Donor Conceived Person "Half Adopted?" Abstract PDF
Damian H Adams
Building a Family Tree: Donor-Conveived People, DNA Tracing and Donor 'Anonymity' Abstract PDF
Damian Adams, Sonia Allan
The Right to Know the Identities of Genetic Parents Abstract XML
Madeline Kilty
Accessing Donor Conception Information in Australia Abstract PDF
Caroline Lorbach
The Right to Information for Donor Conceived People: Lessons Learnt from Adoption Abstract PDF
Damon Martin
Confronting the conspiracy of silence and denial of difference for late discovery adoptive persons and donor conceived people Abstract PDF
Dr Helen Riley

Personal Stories and Reflections

Tangled in the Web - the story of a donor conceived person Abstract PDF
Lauren Burns
Donor Conception: A Mother's Reflections Abstract PDF
Barbara Burns
Sperm donors – Moving out of the Shadows. Contact and connection between former sperm donors and their offspring - experiences and perspectives Abstract PDF
Ian Smith

Doctoral Theses

Identity and Genetic Origins: An Ethical Exploration of the Late Discovery of Adoptive and Donor-insemination Offspring Status Abstract PDF
Dr Helen Riley
A Critical Analysis of Sperm Donation Practices: The Personal and Social Effects of Disrupting the Unity of Biological and Social Relatedness for the Offspring Abstract PDF
Dr Joanna Rose

Masters Theses

Experiences of adoptive parents in Central Queensland: infertility, grief and the adoption journey Abstract PDF
Margaret Newton