Australasian Journal of Ecocriticism and Cultural Ecology (AJE), Vol 1 (2011)

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Kakapo: Rescued from the Brink of Extinction. By Alison Ballance. Nelson, NZ: Craig Potton Publishing 2010.

David Young


New Zealand writer, David Young, Reviews Kakapo: Rescued from the Brink of Extinction. 200 pp. Cloth $49.95

Alison Ballance's work deals with the kakapo, once widely distributed across the archipelago, and which has become the poster-child of bird recovery programs in New Zealand. Since parrots are relatively new-comers to evolution, it had to have flown here in the past 12-25 million years, long after New Zealand separated from Australia. At the heart of the kakapo story are the seed masting years, those climate-dependent seasons when native trees come into especially heavy seeding.



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