AJE Australasian Journal of Ecocriticism and Cultural Ecology (the journal of ASLEC–ANZ)
National Library of Australia

Vol 1 (2011)

Australasian Journal of Ecocriticism and Cultural Ecology

'Sounding the Earth: Music, Language and Acoustic Ecology'

Table of Contents

Editor's Note

Editor's Note Abstract PDF
CA. Cranston i-iii

Nonfiction Niche

The Man and the Woman and the Edison Phonograph: Race, History and Technology through Song Abstract PDF
Bruce Watson 1-8

Scholarly Articles

Stranded Out of Place: Environmental Alienation in Australian Punk Abstract PDF
John Parham 9-17
‘Singing Up’ the Silences: Australian nature writing as Disruption and Invocation. Abstract PDF
Noelene J Kelly 18-26
The Tree and Its Voices: What the Casuarina Says Abstract mp3 PDF
Barbara Holloway 27-37
Anecdote and anthropomorphism: Writing the Australian pied butcherbird Abstract PDF
Hollis Taylor 38-57
Environmental silence and its renditions in a movie soundtrack Abstract PDF
Isabelle Delmotte 58-67


Kakapo: Rescued from the Brink of Extinction. By Alison Ballance. Nelson, NZ: Craig Potton Publishing 2010. Abstract PDF
David Young 68-70
Halfway House: the poetics of Australian spaces. Eds. Jennifer Rutherford and Barbara Holloway. UWA Publishing, 2010. Abstract PDF
Barbara Brooks 71-72

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