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First appearing in 1988, Australian Studies (ISSN 2042-5120), the journal of BASA, covers a wide range of disciplines (including geography, history, law, political science, economics, literature, the media, sociology, science etc). Over the first decade of its life, the journal has established itself internationally as a respected context for the publication of scholarship and comment on many aspects of the Australian scene. The journal's particular aim is to foster innovative critical approaches, and to encourage connections between traditionally discrete areas of research. Australian Studies appears twice-yearly, publishing both themed and general issues. Themed issues are based on the interests of particular editors, or generated by the proceedings of BASA conferences. Scholarly contributions to general issues are welcomed. Contributions to themed issues are commissioned. Australian Studies is a fully-refereed journal, enjoying the support of a distinguished international body of scholars.

Vol 5 (2013)

Table of Contents

Editorial and Introduction

Introduction PDF
Elizabeth Schafer

Editorial Board

Editorial Board PDF
‘They do not go as strangers’: Academic connections between Australia and Britain, 1880-1939 Abstract PDF
Tamson Pietsch
Bilateral Flows Between UK And Australian Students In Higher Education Abstract PDF
David Wilden, Cassandra Cameron
Catalysts for Cultural Change: Images of International Students in Mid-Twentieth Century Australia Abstract PDF
Rachel Burke
The Longing for Nostalgia: Reimagining Post- War Childhood in Murray Bail’s Short Stories Abstract PDF
Bronwyn Lacken
Place, Time and Performance in the Memory Process Abstract PDF
Gay McAuley
Fortunes and Fringe-dwellers in Australian Aboriginal Literature: Alexis Wright’s Carpentaria Abstract PDF
Justine Seran
Alienation or Liberation? Translating Daniel Keene’s Play Half & Half into a Slavonic Language Abstract PDF
Jasna Novaković
Pola-Pola: a translation into Serbian of Daniel Keene's play, 'Half & Half' Abstract PDF
Jasna Novaković

Contributor Biographies

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Notes for Contributors

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