National Library of Australia

Volume 6, Series 2 (2014)

General Editor: Elizabeth Schafer

Associate Editors: Emma Cox and Tim Causer

Table of Contents

Editorial and Introduction

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Elizabeth Schafer

Editorial Board

Editorial Board PDF
Acting the Moor: Critical Response to Performances of Othello in Australia and New Zealand, 1834 – 1866 Abstract PDF
Lisa Warrington
Shakespeare and the Actor’s Voice: Close Reading of the Live Performance Abstract PDF
Flloyd Kennedy
The Strange Geographies of Ephesus: The Bell Shakespeare Company’s Comedy of Errors Abstract PDF
Laura Higgins
Re-gendering Shakespeare: the Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble’s 2005 Comedy of Errors Abstract PDF
Rob Pensalfini
The endless uncanny of nostalgia: searching for (India in) Baz Luhrmann’s 'A Midsummer Night’s Dream' Abstract PDF
Preti Taneja
The Shadow King: Lear and the Land Abstract PDF
Philippa Kelly

Contributor Biographies

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Notes for Contributors

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