National Library of Australia

Volume 3, Series 2 (2011)

General Editor: Elizabeth Schafer

Associate Editors: Emma Cox and Tim Causer

Table of Contents

Editorial and Introduction

Introduction PDF
Elizabeth Schafer

Editorial Board

Editorial Board PDF
The National Apology Three Years Later Abstract PDF
Gay McAuley
Circus Oz and Kangaroos: Performing Fauna and Animalness for Geo-National Identity Abstract PDF
Peta Tait
Welcome to Country? Aboriginal Sovereignties and Asylum Seekers Abstract PDF
Emma Cox
I'll Write to Richie Benaud Abstract PDF
Heather Nimmo
'Not Celebrated for its Agriculture’: Emigrant Guides and Land Settlement in New South Wales, 1831-65 Abstract PDF
Edward Cavanagh
Transcultural Horizons and the Limitations of Multiculturalism in 'The World Waiting to be Made' Abstract PDF
Lyn Dickens
Traditional Australian Circus: Change and Survival Abstract PDF
Andrea Lemon
Shifting Visions: Developmentalism and Environmentalism in Australian History Abstract PDF
Jillian Koshin
A Ham Funeral: Patrick White, Collaboration and Neil Armfield Abstract PDF
Elizabeth Schafer
Appendix to 'A Ham Funeral': List of Productions of Patrick White's Plays Abstract PDF
Elizabeth Schafer
Kinsella contra Dante: 'Who was ousted so hell could be installed?' Abstract PDF
Jaya Savige

Contributor Biographies

Contributor Biographies PDF

Notes for Contributors

Notes for Contributors PDF

Conference Proposal Guidelines

Conference Proposal Guidelines PDF