National Library of Australia

Volume 5, Series 2 (2013)

General Editor: Elizabeth Schafer

Associate Editors: Emma Cox and Tim Causer

Table of Contents

Editorial and Introduction

Introduction PDF
Elizabeth Schafer

Editorial Board

Editorial Board PDF
‘They do not go as strangers’: Academic connections between Australia and Britain, 1880-1939 Abstract PDF
Tamson Pietsch
Bilateral Flows Between UK And Australian Students In Higher Education Abstract PDF
David Wilden, Cassandra Cameron
Catalysts for Cultural Change: Images of International Students in Mid-Twentieth Century Australia Abstract PDF
Rachel Burke
The Longing for Nostalgia: Reimagining Post- War Childhood in Murray Bail’s Short Stories Abstract PDF
Bronwyn Lacken
Place, Time and Performance in the Memory Process Abstract PDF
Gay McAuley
Fortunes and Fringe-dwellers in Australian Aboriginal Literature: Alexis Wright’s Carpentaria Abstract PDF
Justine Seran
Alienation or Liberation? Translating Daniel Keene’s Play Half & Half into a Slavonic Language Abstract PDF
Jasna Novaković
Pola-Pola: a translation into Serbian of Daniel Keene's play, 'Half & Half' Abstract PDF
Jasna Novaković

Contributor Biographies

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Notes for Contributors

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