National Library of Australia

Vol 14, No 2 (2014)

David Malouf

Table of Contents

Editors' Introduction PDF


David Malouf: The long breath of the young writer Abstract PDF
Yvonne Smith
Silence and poetic inwardness in the writings of David Malouf Abstract PDF
Dennis Haskell
Closure, Completion and Memory in Harland's Half Acre: Phil's Story Abstract PDF
Carolyn Masel
David Malouf and the Poetics of Possibility Abstract PDF
Bill Ashcroft
‘Only we humans can know’: David Malouf and war Abstract PDF
Clare Rhoden
History as ‘Precarious Gift’: Harland’s Half-Acre and The Great World as Malouf’s Not-So-Historical Novels Abstract PDF
Nicholas Birns
David Malouf’s Remembering Babylon as a Reconsideration of Pastoral Idealisation Abstract PDF
Clare Archer-Lean
'As if my bones had been changed into clouds': Queer Epiphanies in David Malouf's Fiction Abstract PDF
Damien Barlow
The Happy Life: Nice Work if You Can Get It Abstract PDF
John Scheckter
A world of feeling: David Malouf and the public conversation Abstract PDF
Kay Ferres


Toby Davidson, Christian Mysticism and Australian Poetry, Elaine Lindsay PDF
Elaine Lindsay


David Malouf, I - 2009 Abstract PDF
Juno Gemes
Metamorphic Malouf Abstract PDF
Nicholas Jose
Appreciating David Malouf as Poet Abstract PDF
James Tulip
David Malouf at Eighty Abstract PDF
Ihab Hassan
‘We have come to the shores, and prepare to enter': A Visual Tribute to David Malouf Abstract PDF
Mandy Martin
In Conversation: David Malouf and Ivor Indyk Abstract PDF
Ivor Indyk
David Malouf, II - 2009 Abstract PDF
Juno Gemes