National Library of Australia

Vol 14, No 4 (2014)

Man of Many Letters: Essays On Laurie Clancy And His Work

Table of Contents

Introduction PDF


Remembering Laurie Clancy Abstract PDF
Susan Ballyn
This Was a Man Abstract PDF
Brian Matthews
The When, Where, Why and How of The Melbourne Partisan Magazine Abstract PDF
John Timlin
A Memory from the Agent Abstract PDF
Tim Curnow
Clancy Departs Dog Eat Bone World: Richard Freadman remembers Laurie Clancy Abstract PDF
Richard Freadman
Playing a Straight Bat: Laurie Clancy as Critic Abstract PDF
John Barnes
The Last Romantic: Laurie Clancy’s Nabokov Abstract PDF
Stephen Knight
Resisting Judgment in Christina Stead: Critical Writing of the 1980s Abstract PDF
Ann Blake
Laurie Clancy as novelist of the secular city Abstract PDF
John McLaren
'Everything is visible': Considering Laurie Clancy's Perfect Love Abstract PDF
Hermina Burns
The Short Stories of Laurie Clancy Abstract PDF
Peter Pierce


Clancy the Teacher Abstract PDF
Various authors