National Library of Australia

Vol 15, No 2 (2015)

On Species

Table of Contents

'On Species' Abstract PDF


Colonial Modernity, Native Species and E.J. Brady’s ‘The Friar-Bird’s Sermon: An Australian Fable’ Abstract PDF
Ken Gelder
The stag in the window at Werribee Park: species, decoration and Britishness Abstract PDF
Suzanne Fraser
Valuing the native: River Blackfish vs. Rainbow Trout in late nineteenth and early-twentieth century Victoria Abstract PDF
Peter Minard
Ecologies of the Beachcomber in Colonial Australian Literature Abstract PDF
Rachael Weaver
Bill Neidjie’s Story About Feeling: Notes on its Themes and Philosophy Abstract PDF
Philip Morrissey
Dismembering the Member: rethinking sexual difference in Maria Fernanda Cardoso’s exhibition ‘It’s not size that matters, it is shape’ Abstract PDF
Lara Stevens
‘Beauty Tigress Queen’: Staging the Thylacine in a Theatre of Species Abstract PDF
Denise Varney