National Library of Australia

Vol 5 (2006)

This is the first issue of JASAL published both online and in print form.

Table of Contents

Editors' Note PDF


Fragmented and Entwined: Migration Stories in Sibyl’s Cave and Other Australian Fiction PDF
Catherine Heather Padmore 25-38
The Populist Imaginary in David Ireland's The Unknown Industrial Prisoner and The Chosen PDF
Ron Leslie Blaber 58-71
Insane Lane: Crowds, Contamination and Violence in Australia PDF
David Crouch 72-85
Prolonged Symptoms of Cultural Anxiety: The Persistance of Narratives of Asian Invasion within Multicultural Australia PDF
Catriona Ross 86-99
Chamier and the Native Question PDF
Sean Sturm 100-120
Globalizing Indigenes: Postcolonial Fiction from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific PDF
Lydia Joyce Wevers 121-133
Being Elsewhere: Aesthetics, Identities and Alienation in Peter Austen’s Life and Poetry PDF
Patrick James Buckridge 134-151
For Love Alone? Anorexia and Teresa's Quest for Love PDF
Jane Marie Frugtneit 152-162
“Impossible Speech” and the Burden of Translation: Lilian's Story from Page to Screen PDF
Alice Mary Healy 163-178
Operatic Narratives: Textual Transformations in Gwen Harwood and Larry Sitsky’s Golem and Lenz PDF
Alison Wood 179-191
Gail Jones' "light writing": Memory and the Photo-graph PDF
Lyn Janette Jacobs 192-208

Dorothy Green Memorial Lecture

A Dreaming, a sauntering: re-imagining critical paradigms PDF
Gail Marie Jones 11-24


The Best Australian Poems 2005, edited by Les Murray; The Best Australian Poetry 2005, edited by Peter Porter PDF
David Gilbey 209-214
Dance of the Nomad: A Study of the Selected Notebooks of A.D. Hope by Ann McCullough PDF
David Brooks 215-220
Dearest Munx, edited by Margaret Harris; The Equal Heart and Mind, edited by Patricia Clarke and Meredith McKinney PDF
Brigid Rooney 221-224
The Collected Verse of Mary Gilmore, Volume One: 1887-1929, edited by Jennifer Strauss PDF
Philip Butterss 225-226
Settler Romances and the Australian Girl, Tanya Dalziell PDF
Susan Sheridan 227-229
Katharine Brisbane, Not Wrong - Just Different: Observations on the Rise of Contemporary Australian Theatre PDF
Helen Thomson 230-232
Fabulating Beauty: Perspectives on the Fiction of Peter Carey, edited by Andreas Gaile PDF
Margarete Rubik 233-237