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ASAL Sixteenth Annual Conference 3-8 July 1994 Proceedings

Papers given at the ASAL conference of 1994, held at the university of New South Wales Australian Defence Force Academy campus in Canberra, convened by Susan Lever and Catherine Pratt

Table of Contents

Foreword PDF


McKee Wright's 'O Rare Young Man: David McKee Wright's Bulletin debates with Jack Lindsay, 1922-25 Abstract PDF
Michael Sharkey 1-6
Slessor's Darlinghurst Nights: Troping the Light Fantastic Abstract PDF
Peter Kirkpatrick 7-13
What can you do with a horizon?: Landscape in Recent Australian Fiction and the Visual Arts Abstract PDF
Gillian Tyas 14-19
Narratives of Emergence: Landscape photography in Late Nineteenth century Western Australia Abstract PDF
Ned Rossiter 20-27
Contingency or Remedy? That Little Herb of Self-Heal Abstract PDF
Kerry Goddard 28-34
Representations of Public and Private Bodies in the Written and Visual Work of Barbara Hanrahan Abstract PDF
Felicity Thyer 35-41
Barbara Hanrahan's Work of Autobiographical Fiction Abstract PDF
Georgina Mumme 42-47
'City of Sighs': The Poetry of John Shaw Neilson Abstract PDF
Laurie Clancy 48-56
Rosemary Dobson--The Text and The Textile Abstract PDF
Marie-Louise Ayres 57-63
The Vernacular Country Club: Traditional experiment, experimental tradition and Les Murray's The Boys Who Stole the Funeral Abstract PDF
Dean Kiley 64-70
'Sweet Relief': The Politics of Erotic Experience in the Poetry of Lesbia Harford, Mary Fullerton and Zora Cross Abstract PDF
Kate Chadwick 71-78
Dora's Antipodean Inheritors: psychiatric Therapy in Poppy, Julia Paradise, and Still Murder, Abstract PDF
Helen Thomson 79-86
A Lost Novel by George Chamier Abstract PDF
Carol Franklin 87-92
Monumental Authority and Regional Identity: The Canonisation of George Essex Evans Abstract PDF
Christopher Lee 93-99
Early Convict Novels Abstract PDF
Lurline Stuart 100-104
Should Non-combatants Write about War? Abstract PDF
Geoff Page 105-107
A Gravitational Pull Abstract PDF
Alan Gould 108-112
The Transformation of Experience into Literary Form in My Writings about the War Abstract PDF
Don Charlwood 113-115
Australian Chivalry: Australian Chivalry? Abstract PDF
Peter Pierce 116-119
Guns 'n' Roses: Australian Women Writers' Bold-And-Not-So-Bold Journeys into the Great War Abstract PDF
Donna Coates 120-126
'Apocalepsus': The Year of the Angry Rabbit and Braddon's View of Australia Abstract PDF
Ron Blaber 127-132
Remaking Femininity and Desire: a Post-War Reconstruction Project Abstract PDF
Pamela Murray 133-138
Reading Australian Poetry in the Indian Classroom Abstract PDF
Pushpinder Syal 139-144
'Asian Australian' migrant Identity: Brian Castro's Birds of Passage and After China Abstract PDF
Cathy Bennett 145-152
Journey as Genre: The Search for Home and History in Arnold Zable's Jewels and Ashes Abstract PDF
Marcelle Freiman 153-158
Auntie Rita's Story Abstract PDF
Janine Little 159-164
Newcomers, Postmodernism and Feminist Experiment Abstract PDF
Colleen Keane 165-171
Once More With Feeling - Sex and the Self-Discovery Narrative Abstract PDF
Vivienne Muller 172-179
The Shaming of Australian Culture: Refracted Shame in Kathleen Fitzpatrick's Solid Bluestone Foundations Abstract PDF
Rosamund Dalziell 180-186
'A Novel I Believe In': Reading Elizabeth Jolley Abstract PDF
Barbara Milech 187-195
'It's all lies!': David Malouf's Johnno and Autobiography Abstract PDF
Michael Stanier 196-199
Losing the Plot: Modernism and the Schizophrenic Woman in The Aunt's Story Abstract PDF
Kate Macdonell 200-206
White Mythologies: Ethnicity and Identity in White and Joyce - Riders in the Chariot and Ulysses Abstract PDF
John Docker 207-211