National Library of Australia

Vol 14, No 1 (2014)

DisLocated Readings: Translation and Transnationalism

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF


Unpolished Gem/Gemma impura the Journey from Australia to Italy of Alice Pung’s Bestselling Novel Abstract PDF
Adele D'Arcangelo
A literary biographical exploration of the transnational literary journeys of the Australian writer Amy Witting and a Lithuanian migrant Elena Jonaitis Abstract PDF
Colleen Smee
Reincarnation: the Orientalist Stereotypes Abstract PDF
Amelberga Astuti
Space and Language in Mr Scobie's Riddle: translating displacement into Italian Abstract PDF
Anna Gadd
Writing from the periphery: the haunted landscapes of James McAuley Abstract PDF
Jean Page
Of Frames and Wonders: Translation and Transnationalism in the work of Janette Turner Hospital Abstract PDF
Jessica Trevitt
Australian Literature in Serbian Translation Abstract PDF
Natasa Kampmark
Traversing the Unfamiliar: German Translations of Aboriginality in James Vance Marshall’s The Children and Phillip Gwynne’s Deadly Unna? and Nukkin Ya Abstract PDF
Leah Gerber