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Spectres, Screens, Shadows, Mirrors: JASAL Special Issue 2007

Table of Contents

Preliminary pages PDF
Editors' Note PDF Untitled PDF


Haunted Identities and the Possible Futures of “Aust. Lit.” PDF
Lyn McCredden 12-24
Unpacking Castro's Library, or Detours and Return in The Garden Book PDF
Bernadette Brennan 25-36
Coetzee's Haunting of Australian Literature PDF
Maria Takolander 37-51
“Blood and land and ghosts”: Haunting words in Christos Tsiolkas’s Dead Europe PDF
Catherine Padmore 52-64
Circling With Ghosts: the search for redemption PDF
Margaret Merrilees 65-76
“us circling round and round”: The track of narrative and the ghosts of lost children in Such is Life. PDF
Susan Martin 77-93
National Hauntings: The Architecture of Australian Ghost Stories PDF
David Crouch 94-105
Exploring the Shadow of Your Shadow PDF
Lachlan Edgar Brown 106-116
Ancestral Echoes: Spectres of the Past in Judith Wright's Poetry. PDF
Sue King-Smith 117-129
Spectral Colonisation in John Scott's Warra Warra PDF
David Mesher 130-139
The Mirror of Whiteness: Blackface in Charles Chauvel's Jedda PDF
Ben Miller 140-156
Some Whites are Whiter than others: the Whitefella Skin Politics of Xavier Herbert and Cecil Cook PDF
Fiona Probyn-Rapsey 157-173

Notes on Contributors

Notes on Contributors PDF PDF
Tanya Dalziell 174-175