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Special Issue: The Colonial Present

Table of Contents

Preliminary Pages PDF
Editors' Note PDF
Miscegenations: Race, Culture, Phantasy PDF

Dorothy Green Memorial Lecture

“Disappearing Memory” and the Colonial Present in Recent Indigenous Women’s Writing PDF
Carole Ferrier 37-55


Engaging the Public Intimacy of Whiteness: the Indigenous Protest Poetry of Romaine Moreton Abstract PDF
Anne Brewster 56-76
David Unaipon's Style of Subversion: Performativity and Becoming in "Gool Lun Naga (Green Frog)" Abstract PDF
Benjamin Miller 77-93
Taking/ Taking Up: Recognition and the Frontier in Grenville’s The Secret River Abstract PDF
Adam Gall 94-104
Gardening in Hell: Abject Presence and Sublime Present in Dead Europe and The Vintner's Luck Abstract PDF
Laura Joseph 105-113
"Dancing the Old Enlightenment": Gould's Book of Fish, the Historical Novel and the Postmodern Sublime Abstract PDF
Jo Jones 114-129
Australian Classics and the Price of Books: The Puzzle of the 1890s Abstract PDF
Paul Eggert 130-157
Australian Literature and the New Empiricism: A reponse to Paul Eggert, "Australian Classics and the Price of Books" PDF
Robert Dixon 158-162
The Promiscous Carter Brown PDF
Toni Johnson-Woods 163-183
Beyond the Colonial Present: Quantitative Analysis, 'Resourceful Reading' and Australian Literary Studies. Abstract PDF
Katherine Bode 184-197
Reprints, International Markets and Local Literary Taste: New Empiricism and Australian Literature Abstract PDF
Jason Donald Ensor 198-218

Notes on Contributors

Notes on Contributors PDF
Gillian Whitlock, Victoria Kuttainen 219-220