National Library of Australia

Special Issue: Australian Literature in a Global World

Special conference issue: Australian Literature in a Global World edited by Wenche Ommundsen and Tony Simoes da Silva

Table of Contents

Introduction Abstract PDF


Australian Literature Inside and Out PDF
Nicholas Jose
The Painters of Modern Life Abstract PDF
Lindsay Barrett
Bony at Home and Abroad: The Arthur Upfield Phenomenon Abstract PDF
Carol Hetherington
Christopher Koch: Drawn to Comics Abstract PDF
Elaine Minor
Synthetics Surveillance and Sarsaparilla: Patrick White and the New Gossip Economy Abstract PDF
Lorraine Burdett
Dreaming Phantoms and Golems: Elements of The Place Beyond Nation in Carpentaria and Dreamhunter Abstract PDF
Laura Joseph
The Transnational Turn in Australian Literary Studies Abstract PDF
Michael Richard Jacklin
The global reception of post-national literary fiction: the case of Gerald Murnane Abstract PDF
Paul Genoni
"The Poetry of the Earth is Never Dead": Australia's Road Writing Abstract PDF
Delia Falconer
'A Peculiar Aesthetic': Julia Leigh's The Hunter and Sublime Loss Abstract PDF
Scott Robert Brewer
Indigenous Australian Literature in German. Some Considerations on Reception, Publication and Translation Abstract PDF
Oliver Haag
The Locatedness of Poetry Abstract PDF
Lyn McCredden
“From Shanty to Shanti—Teaching Australian Literature in India” Abstract PDF
C A Cranston
Globaloney Abstract PDF
Graham Huggan

Dorothy Green Memorial Lecture

The View From Here PDF
Lydia Wevers