National Library of Australia

Vol 11 (2011)

Special Edition: Coastal Management in China and Australia

Table of Contents


Volume 11 Special Edition Cover Abstract PDF
Coastal Management in China and Australia - Introduction to the Special Edition (Volume 11) Abstract PDF
Associate Professor Stuart Pearson, Dr Xiao Hua Wang, Professor Guifang Xue
The Development in the Legal Protection of Jiaozhou Bay Environment Abstract PDF
Maozeng Jiang, Xin Fu, Shanchen Hu
Development of an Environmental Performance Indicator Framework to Evaluate an Environmental Management System for Shoalwater Bay Training Area, Queensland, Australia Abstract PDF
Wen Wu, Xiao Hua Wang
Integrated Coastal Zone Management Research In Australia and China Abstract PDF
X.H. Wang, X Xu, S Pearson, G Xue, R. J. Morrison, D Liu, P Shi
Community Participation in the Management of Marine Protected Areas in China Abstract PDF
Q Liang, X.H Wang, B.G. Lees
An Objective Approach to Reliability-Based Risk Assessment and Mitigation for Coastal Infrastructure Development Abstract PDF
Wen Wu, Sik-Cheung Robert Lo, Xiao Wang
Emerging Research in Marine Sociology in China Abstract PDF
Ning'er Song