National Library of Australia

Vol 1 (2000)

Table of Contents


1.1 The lived experience of female factory workers in rural West Java Abstract PDF
Peter Hancock
1.2 Why did rural households let their daughters be urban factory workers? A case from rural Malay villages Abstract PDF
Takayoshi Kusago
1.3 Research note: Indonesian trade union developments since the fall of Suharto Abstract PDF
Michele Ford
1.4 Public Sector Reform in Papua New Guinea and the 1999 Budget Abstract PDF
Tim Curtin
1.5 Fiji's Women Garment Workers: Negotiating constraints and beyond Abstract PDF
Christy Harrington
1.6 Socioeconomic changes among beca drivers in Jakarta, 1988-98 Abstract PDF
Yosh Azuma
1.7 Labour regime and industrialisation in the knowledge economy: the Japanese model and its possible hybridisation Abstract PDF
Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay, David Rolland
1.8 Workplace power in Singapore: a paradox? Evidence from a 1998 national survey Abstract PDF
Tan Ern Ser
1.9 The impact of social networks on pay increase, promotions and layoffs in Singapore Abstract PDF
Lee Soo-Hoon, Chew Irene Seng-Howe
1.10 Strategic leadership and management in the Philippines: dynamics of gender and culture Abstract PDF
Bet H. Roffey