National Library of Australia Staff Papers, 2003

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UNESCO campaign to preserve the 'digital heritage' - and consultations in Asia and the pacific

Colin Webb


Short report

Considering that the disappearance of heritage in whatever form constitutes an impoverishment of the heritage of all nations, …
Recognising that … resources of information and creative expression are increasingly produced, distributed, accessed and maintained in digital form, creating a new legacy - the digital heritage, …
Understanding that this digital heritage is at risk of being lost and that its preservation for the benefit of present and future generations is an urgent issue of worldwide concern, …

So begins the Draft Charter on the Preservation of the Digital Heritage, which was submitted to the 166th Session of the UNESCO Executive Board in April 2003. The Draft Charter aims to present a concise, non-binding, but inspiring statement of principles for Member States as they grapple with the challenges of maintaining this rapidly growing digital heritage. The purpose of the Charter is to focus worldwide attention on the issues at stake, and to encourage responsible action wherever it can be taken.

This paper presents a very brief overview of the Draft Charter, the Guidelines, and some of the issues that came out of the Regional Consultation Meeting for Asia and the Pacific regarding readiness for digital preservation.

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