National Library of Australia Staff Papers, 2002

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Nurturing Our Digital Memory: Digital Archiving and Preservation at the National Library of Australia

Hilary Berthon


As increasing use is made of digital technologies to create, record, store and transmit our cultural heritage, our global digital memory is born. However, strategies need to be adopted to ensure ongoing access to this memory. The National Library of Australia (NLA) believes that the key to developing successful models of digital preservation lies in cooperation: sharing information as well as sharing responsibility. Both the magnitude of the task and the keenness of libraries to define their role in the digital environment have encouraged Australian libraries to work closely together. A long history of collaboration between Australian libraries—for example, in the development of a national bibliographic database, resource sharing and preservation—has laid the foundations for this cooperation. As the challenges of preserving digital information exist across sectors, the NLA has also looked beyond the traditional library boundaries for new partners. A commitment by the NLA to learn by doing, drawing on the experiences of memory institutions and sharing with others the fruits of its experience, has nurtured this collaborative model.

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