National Library of Australia Staff Papers, 2001

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Archiving the Web: The PANDORA Archive at the National Library Australia

Warwick Cathro, Colin Webb, Julie Whiting


The National Library of Australia maintains PANDORA, an archive of selected, significant Australian web sites and web-based online publications. The purpose of PANDORA is to ensure that Australians of the future will be able to access a significant component of today’s Australian web based information resources.

This paper describes:

  • the overall framework for digital collection management at the Library which forms the context for PANDORA;
  • the reasons why the Library has undertaken a selective approach to archiving the Web;
  • the process of gathering, checking and presenting the archived copies of the web sites, and how this is supported by software developed recently by the Library;
  • the use of persistent identifiers for the items in PANDORA;
  • the approach which the Library has taken to access control;
  • the Library’s plans to preserve access to the content of the archive; and
  • possible opportunities for global cooperation, such as the sharing of information on the best ways to migrate obsolete files, and better information exchange between archives, libraries and researchers working in digital preservation.

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