National Library of Australia Staff Papers, 2000

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Directory services

Judith Pearce


In an unusual venture, IT/19 is taking the lead role in the revision of an existing ISO standard. The standard is ISO 2146 Documentation -- Directories of libraries, archives, information and documentation centre, and their databases. Its purpose is to assist in compiling and publishing directories of organisations operating in the library and information domain.

ISO 2146 was first published in 1972 by a former subcommittee of ISO Technical Committee 46 (the Subcommittee on Documentation). It was revised in 1988 and responsibility passed to Subcommittee 9.

Subcommittee 9 deals with the presentation, identification and description of documents. ISO 2146 sat quite well with the other responsibilities of this subcommittee in pre-Web days when the primary means of publishing directory information was as a printed document. However, it was not a mainstream interest of the subcommittee. Neither was the standard itself taken up in any widespread way by implementers. When it came up for its ten year review in 1998 Subcommittee 9 was therefore in the process of deprecating it when IT/19 intervened.

ISO TC46 Sub-committee 4, Working group 7 will lead the revision of ISO 2146. Janifer Gatenby chairs this working group. My role in the project will be to coordinate committee drafts.

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