National Library of Australia Staff Papers, 2010

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How to utilise Trove in your organisation

Debbie Campbell


This paper introduces Trove, the National Library’s newest discovery service, and provides information to understand and market Trove, as well as describing mechanisms for exploiting it.  There are four key drivers which make Trove an important development for collecting agencies around Australia:

*       the commitment of the National Library to Libraries Australia and Trove, exemplified by long term dedicated marketing support, an ongoing development plan, and the Library’s strategic objective to “meet our users’ needs for rapid and easy access to our collections and other information resources”;

*       the National Library’s successful track record in the provision and maintenance of collaborative, innovative predecessor web-based services such as Picture Australia, PANDORA, Australian Newspapers 1803-1954 and Australian Research Online;

*        the decision to incorporate as much digital content as possible into Trove and its precursors, including content beyond Australian shores and content created the public;

*       the National Library’s availability to support mechanisms for technical integration between Trove and library Online Public Access Catalogues (OPACs). The paper outlines several options for this purpose.

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