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Staff papers

Prometheus: managing the Ingest of Media Carriers Abstract PDF
Nicholas del Pozo, Douglas Elford, David Pearson
Mediapedia: Managing the Identification of Media Carriers Abstract PDF
Nicholas del Pozo, Douglas Elford, David Pearson
DigCCurr 2009 Digital Curation Tools and Demos II - Mediapedia and Prometheus Abstract PDF
David Pearson
Preserve or Preserve Not, There is No Try: some dilemmas relating to Personal Digital Archiving Abstract PDF
David Pearson
Many Hands Make Light Work: Public Collaborative OCR Text Correction in Australian Historic Newspapers Abstract PDF
Rose Holley
Resource Description and Access Abstract Paper Presentation
Deirdre Kiorgaard
Identifying Researchers Using People Australia Abstract Presentation
Basil Dewhurst
Collaboration Strategies for Digital Collections: The Australian Experience Abstract PDF
Warwick Cathro
Preserving Access: Making More Informed 'Guesses' About What Works Abstract PRESENTATION
David Pearson, Maxine Davis
I Say Emulate; He Says Migrate - Are Emulation or Migration Feasible Preservation Strategies? Abstract PRESENTATION
Andrew Stawowczyk Long, David Pearson
'To Elevate the Tone of Moral and Intellectual Attainment': the Braidwood Literary Institute and its Subscribers, 1858-1862 Abstract PAPER PRESENTATION
Andrew Sergeant
Digital Best Practice: a Library Viewpoint Abstract PRESENTATION
Debbie Campbell
How can the collections of national cultural institutions be better used in education? Abstract PDF
Catriona Anderson, Jennie Norberry, Suzzanah Punch, Peter Shaw, Kate Still
Volunteering – maximising the benefits for all Abstract PDF
John Kearns, Mia de Tarczynski, Narelle Tunks, Justine van Mourik, Maryanne Voyazis
‘Improving organisational performance through visitor feedback’ Abstract PDF
Barbra Wilson, James Backhouse, Joey Lansdowne, Tim Shields, Denise Officer
KIDS MATTER: Safe and secure cultural environments for children in the Australian Capital Territory Abstract PDF
Peter Appleton, Helena Bezzina, Kelee Hodge, Emily Pollnitz, Libby Stewart
Explaining Pres Actions: a Working Document Abstract DRAFT REPORT
David Pearson, Nicholas del Pozo
Implementing Digital Preservation Techniques into Next-Gen Operating Systems Abstract PDF
Nicholas del Pozo