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Staff papers

How to utilise Trove in your organisation Abstract PDF
Debbie Campbell
Trove: More than a treasure? How finding information just became easier Abstract PDF
Rose Holley
Reading Locally, Learning Globally: creating a universal experience – a National Library view Abstract PDF
Debbie Campbell
Now we’re getting somewhere – adventures in Trans Tasman interlending Abstract PDF
Deborah Hanington, David Reid
RESTafarian-ism at the NLA Abstract PDF VIDEO
Terence Ingram
Developing Trove: the policy and technical challenges Abstract PDF
Warwick Cathro, Susan Collier
Collaboration across the collecting sectors Abstract PDF
Warwick Cathro
Digital library economics: international perspectives - I The Australian perspective Abstract PDF
Warwick Cathro
“Land of the lost” : a discussion of what can be preserved through digital preservation Abstract PDF article in EMERALD
Nick del Pozo, Andrew Stawowczyk Long, David Pearson
Relevance ranking of results from MARC-based catalogues: from guidelines to implementation exploiting structured metadata Abstract PDF
Alison Dellit, Tony Boston
AskNow chat reference: trendsetter service bows out Abstract PDF
Aileen Weir
Explore like never before… an introduction to Trove Abstract PRESENTATION
Debbie Campbell
Censorship by Omission: Closing off fiction in cataloguing Abstract PRESENTATION MP3
Julianne Miller, Elizabeth Caplice
Libraries Australia Document Delivery: A System for a Variety of Users Abstract PDF
Deborah Ann Hanington