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Staff papers

‘If a tree falls in the forest’: recording and sharing digital preservation knowledge on formats, software and dependencies at the NLA. Abstract PDF
David Pearson
Getting the whole picture: Finding a common language between digital preservation and conservation Abstract PDF Presentation
Douglas Elford, Lisa Jeong-Reuss, Somaya Langley, Melanie Wilkinson
Trove: the terrors and triumphs of service-based social media Abstract PDF Norms of practice PDF
Alison Dellit, Sarah Schindeler
Disaster Preparedness at the National Library of Australia Abstract PDF
Jennifer Lloyd
The Adventures of Digi: Ideas, Requirements and Reality Abstract PDF
David Pearson
Internet Content as Research Data: challenges and options for collecting and preserving Abstract PDF
Monica Omodei
Testing Software Tools of Potential Interest for Digital Preservation Activities at the National Library of Australia Abstract PDF
Matthew Hutchins
PANDORA past, present and future - national web archiving in Australia Abstract Transcript of talk Presentation
Paul Koerbin