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Staff papers

In Search of the Rainbow: Conference Agenda and Strategy Abstract HTML
Jan Lyall
Towards the Copyright Act 2000: Implications of and for Digital Preservation and Access Abstract HTML
Jamie Wodetzki
Networked Information Resources: Collection Development, Cataloguing and Preservation in the National Library of Australia Abstract HTML
Margaret Henty
A Cautionary Tale: Implementing the Project Visualising Conservation Abstract HTML
Wendy Smith
Preservation of the National Library of Australia's Oral History Collection Abstract HTML
Kevin Bradley
Culture and Cultural Memory: Challenges of an Electronic Era Abstract HTML
Eric Wainwright
Preservation Roles and Responsibilities of Collecting Institutions in the Digital Age Abstract HTML
Maggie Jones
Transfer from Analog to Digital: Selecting a System Abstract HTML
Colin Webb
Government and the Internet: Future Directions for Use and Infrastructure Support Abstract HTML
Eric Wainwright
Rain, Riots and Rarotonga: Polynesian Acquisitions Trip Abstract HTML
Adrian Cunningham
Cataloguing in WORLD 1 Abstract HTML
Julia Trainor
Defining the National Library of Australia's Role in the Acquisition, Control and Preservation of Australian Electronic Publications Abstract HTML
Lesley Bezear
White Australia has a Black History: Sources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies in the National Library of Australia Abstract HTML
John Thompson
Libraries, Networks and Democracy: Government and the People in an Electronic Age Abstract HTML
Eric Wainwright
Electronic Journals and the National Library of Australia Abstract HTML
Margaret Henty
Acquiring the Mabo Papers: Celebrating Edward Koiki Mabo Abstract HTML
John Thompson
Indexing APAIS and AMI: Implications of the National Document and Information Service Abstract HTML
Sandra Henderson
What is the future for networking and the Internet in Australia and the region? Abstract PDF
Warwick Cathro, Matthew Ciolek
3rd National Roundtable on Libraries & Asia Issues Papers, National Bibliographic Access To Asian Materials Abstract HTML
Julia Trainor
Syndicate Discussion Group Summary Paper - Preservation of Asian Collections Abstract HTML
Jan Lyall
Copyright Impediments to the Preservation of Australia's Documentary Heritage Abstract HTML
Katy Bellingham
The National Library of Australia's "Clayton's Disaster": A Dry Run in Slowmo, or the Real Thing? Abstract HTML
Colin Webb
A Vacuum Freeze Drier: It's Nice to Have One But ... A Short Paper on the National Library's Vacuum Freeze Drier Nine Years On Abstract HTML
Kim Morris
Publishing in Papua New Guinea: The National Library of Australia Acquisitions Trip, 1994 Abstract HTML
Erica Ryan
Music on the National Bibliographic Database Abstract HTML
Pam Dunlop
Distributed National Collection Abstract HTML
Warwick Cathro
Asian Collections at the National Library of Australia: Forty Years of History Abstract HTML
Andrew Gosling
Disaster Planning for Libraries and Archives: Understanding the Essential Issues Abstract HTML
Jan Lyall
Survey of Asian Library Resources and Research Trends 1992 Abstract HTML
Andrew Gosling
Chinese Library Resources In Australia: the Changing Role of the National Library of Australia Abstract HTML
Andrew Gosling