National Library of Australia


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Staff papers

Describing and Managing Digital Collections Abstract HTML
Deirdre Kiorgaard, Julie Whiting
Digital Continuity: Preservation Action Abstract PDF
Colin Webb
Digital Continuity: the Role of the National Library of Australia Abstract HTML
Pam Gatenby
Integrating Digital Resources into the Library Information Infrastructure Abstract HTML
Peter Haddad
Changing Expectations: Identifying and Responding to the Needs of Users in the National Library of Australia Abstract HTML
Fran Wilson, Ann Triffett
Top Performing Interlending Operations - Results of the Australian Benchmarking Study Abstract PDF
Tom Ruthven
Mapping Networked Asia: Electronic Resources on Law and Health in China Abstract HTML
Wan Wong
Korean Collections and Services at the National Library of Australia: a National Asset Abstract HTML
Andrew Gosling
Electronic Resources: New Issues for Library Systems with new Solutions Abstract PDF
Roxanne Missingham
Resonating Voices: Australian Women Composers and Musicians in the Oral History Collection of the National Library of Australia Abstract PDF
Jenny Gall
Website Usability as a Key Performance Indicator Monitoring and evauluating online services to improve customers' experiences ... Picture Australia Abstract HTML
Debbie Campbell
Using PictureAustralia to Find Images of Ships and Migration Abstract PDF
Debbie Campbell
ISSN. Unique or Obsolete? Abstract PDF
Sonja Street, Karen Vinoles
Edmund Barton Digitisation Project Abstract HTML
Paula Waring
From Digitisation to Virtual Reality: Is Global Knowledge a Blessing or a Threat? Abstract HTML
Peter Haddad
Not Just a Stack of Old Books: Retrospective Chinese Collections at the National Library of Australia Abstract HTML
Andrew Gosling
Archiving the Web: The PANDORA Archive at the National Library Australia Abstract HTML
Warwick Cathro, Colin Webb, Julie Whiting
"Who Will Save the Olympics" Abstract PDF
Lydia Preiss
Smashing the Silos: Towards Convergence in Information Management and Resource Discovery Abstract HTML
Warwick Cathro
Visions for Fundamental Change in Libraries and Librarianship for Asia Pacific Abstract HTML
Warwick Cathro
Artist as Writer: The Donald Friend Diaries as Literature Abstract HTML
Paul Hetherington
The National Library of Australia's Digital Preservation Agenda Abstract PDF
Colin Webb
Persistence is a Virtue Abstract HTML
Diana Dack
Data Recovery and Providing Access to Digital Manuscripts Abstract HTML
Deborah Woodyard
Digital Libraries: Constructing a Value in the Digital Age for Libraries and Clients Abstract HTML
Roxanne Missingham
Moving Towards Public Access to Online Information Resources in Australia Abstract HTML
Margaret Phillips
Beyond Dublin Core: The Role of Directories in Seamless Document Delivery Abstract HTML
Judith Pearce, Andrew Wells
Picture That: Australia in the Forefront Abstract PDF
Debbie Campbell
Unlocking the Archives: a New National Model for Resource Discovery in Archival and Manuscripts Collections Abstract PDF
Margy Burn, Toby Burrows, Liz Hardy