National Library of Australia


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Staff papers

Report on Senior Executive Fellowship to reasearch digital archiving in National Libraries Abstract HTML
Pam Gatenby
Collecting and Preserving Australian Online Publications Abstract HTML
Margaret Phillips
Providing Bibliographic Access to Archived Online Resources: the National Library of Australia's Approach Abstract HTML
Pam Gatenby
Legal Deposit, Electronic Publications and Digital Archiving The National Library of Australia's Experience Abstract HTML
Pam Gatenby
Melting Pot or Monoculture: Archives and Cultural Diversity in Australia Abstract HTML
Margy Burn
MusicAustralia: a Digital Strategy for Music Abstract PDF
Robyn Holmes
Architectures for Web Collection Delivery Abstract PDF
Judith Pearce
Building Theological Libraries: Building and Managing Your Music Collections Abstract HTML
Robyn Holmes
Building a Digital Library at the NLA Abstract PDF
Tony Boston
A practical approach to ensuring the persistence of digital collections at the National Library of Australia Abstract PDF
Tony Boston, Ninh Nguyen
Nurturing Our Digital Memory: Digital Archiving and Preservation at the National Library of Australia Abstract HTML
Hilary Berthon
PictureAustralia - a Collaborative Digital Project Abstract HTML
Danielle Freeman
Digital Preservation: a Many Layered Thing Abstract PDF
Colin Webb
Preparing Collections for Digitisation: the National Library's Digitisation Project Abstract HTML
Lisa Jeong-Reuss, Chesley Engram
Australian Subject Gateways Forum: How the Australian Subject Gateways Contribute to Internet Use in Learning Education and Training Abstract HTML
Barbara Rozmus
Towards a National Infrastructure for Access to Australia's Documentary Information Resources in Electronic Formats: Strategic Developments at the National Library of Australia Abstract HTML
David Toll
Archiving the Web: the National Collection of Australian Online Publications Abstract HTML
Margaret Phillips
Safekeeping: A Cooperative Approach to Building a Digital Preservation Resource Abstract PDF
Hilary Berthon, Susan Thomas, Colin Webb