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Staff papers

Innovation in practice: redeveloping the Austrlian national bibliographic service Abstract PDF
Roxanne Missingham, Tony Boston
Copies Direct: an innovative service from the National Library of Australia Abstract PDF
Roxanne Missingham, Margarita Moreno, Anne Xu
DIGITAL DEMONS! The Challenges Facing Online Publishers Abstract HTML
Roxanne Missingham
Libraries and economic value: a review of recent studies Abstract HTML
Roxanne Missingham
Report to ICABS on Guidance for Digital Preservation: Report on a surrvey of sources: July 2005 Abstract PDF
Colin Webb
Easy To Do: A brief history of federated harvesting in Australia Abstract HTML
Debbie Campbell
New Frameworks for Resource Discovery and Delivery Abstract PDF
Judith Pearce, Janifer Gatenby
The development of Korean collectiosn in Australia: issues and porspects Abstract HTML
Amelia McKenzie
Theses record exchange: developments in the Australian National Union Catalogue Abstract PDF
Roxanne Missingham, Margaret Kennedy
Building better public access into LibriVision OPAC Abstract PDF
Peter McBride, Roxanne Missingham
eXploring new dimensions: revisioning library services in the post web environment Abstract PDF
Roxanne Missingham
Libraries Australia: Creating a new national resource discovery service Abstract PDF
Roxanne Missingham, Tony Boston
Current Issues in Web Archiving in Australia Abstract HTML
Paul Koerbin
Automating Online Delivery of Database Content - an open-source XML-based alternative Abstract PDF
Monica Berko, David Wong
Exposing the deep web to increase acess to library collections Abstract PDF
Tony Boston
Case Studies in implementing Functional Requirments for Bibliographic Records [FRBR]: AustLit and MusicAustralia Abstract HTML
Marie-Louise Ayres
The Australian National Bibliographic Database and the Function Requirements for the Bibliographic Database (FRBR) Abstract HTML
Bemal Rajapatirana, Roxanne Missingham
Authority control in AARC3 Abstract PDF
Deirdre Kiorgaard, Ann Huthwaite
Resource sharing in Australia: evaluation of national initiatives and recent developments Interlending & Document Supply, Volume 33 No. 1 2005, pp 26-34 Abstract PDF
Roxanne Missingham, Margarita Moreno
Selective Archiving of Web Resources: A Study of Acquisitions Costs at the National Library of Australia Abstract PDF
Margaret Phillips
Metadata for research outputs: Australian and overseas contexts Abstract HTML
Debbie Campbell
Libraries Australia: Simplifying the Search Experience Abstract PDF
Tony Boston, Bemal Rajapatirana, Roxanne Missingham
Evaluating the public library portal Abstract PDF
Roxanne Missingham, Fran Wilson, Lynn Hedley, Janet Smith