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Staff papers

MusicAustralia: Towards a National Music Information Infrastructure Abstract PDF
Robyn Holmes, Marie-Louise Ayres
Preserving the Outputs of Research Abstract HTML
Warwick Cathro
The PANDORA Digital Archiving System (PANDAS) Abstract PDF
Paul Koerbin
Building a National Library Website: Work in Progress at the National Library of Australia Abstract PDF
Judith Pearce
Reengineering a National Resource Discovery Service Abstract PDF
Roxanne Missingham
Redeveloping Kinetica: Towrads a More Innovative Future Abstract PDF
Roxanne Missingham
A New Strategic Direction for the National Library of Australia Abstract PDF
Roxanne Missingham
PADI (Preserving Access to Digitial Information) and Safekeeping Abstract PDF
Marian Hanley
"... and then there's the rest of the stuff ..." The role of the PANDORA Archive Abstract HTML
Paul Koerbin
e-publishing in China Abstract HTML
Wan Wong
Keeping Online Information Accessible for E-governance and E-democracy Abstract HTML
Margaret Phillips, Adrian Cunningham
The Hybrid Library Revisited Abstract HTML
Judith Pearce, Monica Berko
MusicAustralia: Building on a National Infrastructure Abstract HTML
Marie-Louise Ayres
A portal for the people: National Library & your local public library = new access paradigm Abstract PDF
Kylie Moloney, Roxanne Missingham, Christine MacKenzie